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Double Treat For Salman Khan Fans

Bhai is back and we just can’t wait for Eid as Salman Khan gets ready to take the fans by storm with his upcoming film Tubelight, directed by acclaimed director Kabir Khan. Yesterday, Twitter went on a complete roll and couldn’t stop tweeting about the release of the Radio song and Salman Khan’s historic achievement of getting his character emoji on Twitter.  

Once the song begins you will just notice Salman’s charm and innocent antics lighting up the whole frame shadowing everything else in it. Just like his other popular songs, Radio has some signature Salman moves, which we know you will definitely try out in front of the mirror. What justice do you do being a Salman fan if you don’t get into such quirky, eccentric yet adorable acts? Check out this biggest 2017 hit now.
The other news that made the Twitterati go crazy was the Tubelight emoji designed to delight Salman fans all over the country. We are sure fans will leave no stone unturned in making this novel initiative a success. Don’t keep calm and start using Salman’s character emoji on Twitter right now.