Fantastic Four – Bollywood Style

Fantastic Four is releasing in India this Friday and is the third theatrical Fantastic Four film. The movie stars a new cast and you’ll get to see Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell as the fabulous four. Most of the story is expected to remain the same, and we hope to see the new actors do well in their superhero roles. 

With the hordes of superhero films coming out of the Hollywood factory, we wondered when we’d get to see Bollywood make a movie inspired from a superhero comic. How would a Fantastic Four film that was made in India be? 
For starters, the cast and story would be very different. The movie title would have to change. From Fantastic Four to ‘Anokhe Chaar‘!
Ranveer Singh could play Reed Richards, an IIT passout who is intelligent and looks good. He would take this role up because, much as we love him, it is the only way the flamboyant actor could get into IIT! His college friend Ben Grimm, who becomes The Thing, would be played by Arjun Kapoor. Because we think it’s time Arjun and Ranveer take their bromance to the next level (Gunday didn’t do justice to their chemistry). And because Arjun Kapoor is probably the only young actor who can pull off The Thing convincingly. 
The friends hang out all the time outside Sue Storms’ workplace. Sue should be played by Deepika Padukone, who is Reed’s love interest (we like to keep things real). Her character has a younger brother, Johnny, who can be played by Shahid Kapoor. Because… why not? Imagine what’ll happen when he says, “Flame on”. Swoon!
This team of four would be chosen to represent India for a MARS mission. After meeting all their family members and saying their goodbyes (obviously, more than a few tears will be shed in this dramatic scene), they go on a mission to outer space. Deepika gets there first, because she is already halfway there (we love you, Deepika!).

To the story now. Settled in space, the four youngsters are happy (and play Honey Singh’s latest rap song! The space-shuttle obviously gets its disco lighting from the stars in space), and while Reed’s making googly eyes at Sue, a tragedy strikes. They are hit by cosmic rays. In a dramatic turn of events, the four somehow survive this hit but something changes. They all gain superhuman powers. 

Reed becomes Mr. Fantastic and is able to stretch and twist his body at will (something we are sure Ranveer is no stranger to). Arjun becomes very strong and is called The Thing. Shahid can control and project fire and is called the Human Torch, and Deepika becomes the Invisible Woman. Though that may not be a good idea- who would want Deepika to be invisible? The superpower will have to change and be something way cooler, like maybe some shapeshifting power or maybe superwoman strength. (Before you say anything, let’s clarify that the superpower will just be inspired NOT copied.)

They travel back to earth and realize that years have passed and there’s a villain threatening to destroy Earth, and more importantly, India. It’s Doctor Doom, played by Amrish Puri (resurrected through CG). He is going all out to wreak havoc and it looks like nothing can stop him. Till the Fantastic Four arrive!
We think our script definitely has the potential to make 400 crores+ at the box office. Wouldn’t you agree? 
While Bollywood ponders over our story, we suggest you book your tickets for the Hollywood Fantastic Four!