Say hello to shoes that your favourite stars love to wear!
What does ‘spring & summer fashion’ bring to your mind? Trading sweaters for sheer shirts, taking out your breezy shorts? How about shoe shopping? Maybe you need to update your shoe closet. Maybe you don’t. But it doesn’t hurt to take some fashion inspiration from our Bollywood celebs, does it? And while celeb fashion might not exactly fall in everyone’s budget, you’ll be surprised to see how a lot of it is very practical. So go ahead and take style cues from our Bollywood divas as we round up the hottest shoe styles for girls.
On top of our list are classic pumps. Consider it to be the Little Black Dress of the shoe world. While you can never go wrong with black pumps, nude ones make your legs look longer. Here are some of Bollywood’s top celebs proving that solid coloured pumps can be anything but boring.
Kitten Heels
The peppy little sister of the classic pumps, kitten heels can make the simplest of outfits look polished. Whether you wear a short dress or cropped pants, you’re bound to make a statement with these ladylike heels. Following is a selection of some of Sonam’s choice kitten heels and you might want to put these badass babies on your list of things to shop for if you ever get adopted by Ambani.
Ballet Flats
Now we all love a good heel, but there are times when nothing can replace the charm of comfortable footwear. Ballet flats first came in vogue when style icon Audrey Hepburn paired them with skinny jeans in the 1957 film Funny Face. These flats are best for rounding up casual looks; and when it comes to the choice of flats, the sky’s the limit!
If you’re searching for the right mix of comfort and vogue, look no further. Wedges look great with almost anything; it is all a matter of choosing the right colour and pattern to go with your outfit. Just make sure you have ready-to-flaunt, pedicured toes and off you go to make a statement with wedges!
B-town ladies have adopted boots as their go-to airport shoes and are known to play safe with them on casual outings. And since they aren’t just for fall, we gathered some easy ways to up your off-duty look by taking a look at fashion’s biggest players sporting some lust-worthy boots.
If your shoe closet is missing any of these essentials, we highly recommend that you treat yourself to a shopping spree right away. And for more celeb-approved styles and trend reports, keep following this space.

By Apoorva Singh

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