Forgettable Movies with Beautiful Melodies

The song and dance routine of Bollywood is what makes it so special and different from its western counterpart. Most hit movies belt out chartbusters which garner attention and give the movie that extra kick (no pun intended; we swear on Salman’s biceps).  Songs serve all kinds of purposes in Hindi movies. Lovers romancing around trees, co-ordinated dances at weddings, loss of love/life, messy breakups- all of these complicated emotions can be handled by a 3 minute bollywood song. Songs are those beautiful elements that allow us to see Hrithik dance and Katrina swing upside down on a big screen. Somehow, our movie viewing experience is never complete without songs. 

However, not all movies are as well-received as their songs. There are so many movies out there which we went to see solely because they had a great soundtrack; only to discover that they were ridiculous plots created just to sustain the beautiful music. Several songs stay alive in our hearts long after the disastrous films have come and gone. There are also those songs which we hum at every party, dance to at every dandiya night but never really know which movie it belongs to. Here is a list of movies that gave us memorable songs, but sadly were absolutely forgettable films.
Even Ranbir in a towel couldn’t save this film from a huge box-office failure. But it’s melodious songs like ‘Jab se tere naina’ and ‘Saawariyan’ were played on loop for several months, even after the towel dropped.
Beautiful stars, locations and even better songs; yet it couldn’t bring results in the box office. But we still cannot stop humming ‘Zindagi Do Pal Ki’.
The heavenly combination of A.R Rahman and Gulzar saab produced gems like ‘Behne De’ and ‘Ranjha Ranjha’, but the audience was thoroughly unimpressed by the movie.
Action Replay
A concept done to death, and its stale execution made sure the film bombed, but the Holi song and ‘Zor Ka Jhatka’ were almost worth the popcorn money.
‘Gal Mithi Mitthi Bol’ occupied a top spot in the list of sangeet and wedding songs, but the movie was basically just Sonam Kapoor whining about something or the other.
Delhi 6
A story about a monkey, an old woman’s death wish and a pigeon that clearly outshone Sonam ; yet they managed to create songs like ‘Masakali’ and ‘Genda Phool’. Why can’t movie makers create better screenplays to go with their wonderful soundtracks!
By Shreya Nair

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