Get a job @ YRF! Bewakoofiyaan Event

How does it feel to land your dream job?
On March 12, over a hundred aspiring candidates huddled together for the final round of interview at Stage 3 of the famous Yash Raj Studios, Mumbai. Yes, YRF is hiring a Marketing & Communications Executive in Mumbai. The same designation as that of Mohit Chaddha.

Umm… don’t know who Mohit Chaddha is?

He is none other then the charming Ayushmann Khurrana. In his upcoming movie, Bewakoofiyaan, Ayushmann Khurrana plays the role of Mohit Chaddha. In the movie Mohit loses his job, but to impress his girlfriend, Mayera’s (played by Sonam Kapoor) father he needs a proper job. Taking this cue as a marketing strategy for the film, YRF came up with a contest idea – Get a job @ YRF!

Soon the news of YRF hiring a marketing executive through their next release Bewakoofiyaan broke out. And it worked! Over thousands of applications flooded into the production house. Vice President – Marketing & Communications at YRF,  Mr. Rafiq Gangjee was overwhelmed with the response. He was quoted saying, "over the past few days, I have taken hundreds of interviews. We are looking for a person who is deduced."

The event was graced by the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor. Looking completely ethereal in a pastel blue dress, the fashionista gave style tips to the job aspirants. "A marketing professional should always dress smart, but it shouldn’t be too loud," said Sonam. When asked how’s Sonam Kapoor as a brand, the chirpy diva replied, "I am a complete individual, talented, hardworking and different!" She also added, "My job is not my life, my job is my job." Sonam Kapoor will be playing the lead role of Mayera Sehgal opposite Ayushmann Khurrana in the upcoming Nupur Asthana movie Bewakoofiyaan. She will be seen as a career-woman in the movie. "I am completely typecasted this time," said Sonam who earned critical accolades for her previous movies – Raanjhanaa and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

Three final candidates were chosen for the role at YRF, and guess who is the fourth one? Ayushmann Khurrana aka Mohit Chaddha! Ayushmann Khurrana made a grand entry. Holding up a placard reading ‘Hire Me’, Ayushmann Khurrana grooved to the peppy number ‘Bewakoofiyaan’. Charming as usual!

The candidates were asked various questions on marketing strategy. But it was Ayushmann Khurrana who completely stole the show. With his humorous answers to the questions, he kept the audience as well as the other candidates entertained. When asked how should a marketing person handle the media when the stars are late for a film event, Ayushmann replied, "you should let the media do whatever they want. In case they want to leave we should let them go. And then later pray that the media people and the stars bump somewhere on the street."

As all of us waited for the final results of the interview, Ayushmann entertained the audience by singing a few lines of the song ‘Khamakha’ from Bewakoofiyaan. "Don’t you just love it when he sings," gushed Sonam Kapoor. Yes, we of course do!

Finally, the results were announced. Raisa Ghosh from Kolkata was the lucky one. "It’s amazing. I feel on top of the world. It’s like a magical thing that can happen to a person. Thanks YRF," said Raisa beaming with excitement.

Get a job @ YRF was a path-breaking marketing idea for the YRF flick – Bewakoofiyaan. And it definitely reaped terrific results both for Bewakoofiyaan and the prospective job seekers.

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