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Good Samaritan Ranveer’s Unique Way of Promoting Movies

Since he announced his grand debut in Bollywood, Ranveer Singh has always marched to his own drummer. He gives it his all to every role of his and it is there for everybody to see. He means business. He is high on confidence and does not mind if he's called 'crazy'. 

Ranveer does not shy away from promoting films that he isn't part of and does it with his stupendous energy. At the time of Bang Bang's release, Hrithik Roshan was seen challenging some stars of Bollywood and Ranveer was one of them. We all know Ranveer is not somebody to back out when he is challenged. He not only accepted the challenge but totally owned it. 

Some might even call it his way of keeping himself in the news. Who knows? Then again, it could also be that he is just too much fun and is not embarrassed to spread the cheer. When Sultan released, Ranveer was seen performing on a song from the movie in a theater in Paris. He made the audience come alive with his energetic moves.

Ranveer also posted a Dubsmash video on Twitter around Fan's release that featured him dancing to Jabra Fan.

During Rustom's trailer release, many Bollywood stars were seen promoting the movie. After Salman Khan shared a video, Ranveer also shared one introducing himself as Chuppa Rustom and later grooved to the 90s song Zeher Hai Ke Pyaar Hai Tera Chumma. A big box of entertainment, this man is. 

Continuing with his unique ways, he recently promoted Rock On 2 with another Dubsmash video where he was seen lip-syncing to the song Pichle Saat Dino Mein and captioned it saying, "Rock On Out in 4 days!!!!"

Whatever the reason be for him promoting movies that he isn't a part of, we as the audience are sure having a good time watching him do some crazy stuff. And isn't that what the entertainment industry is all about?

And what can be said about his sense of dressing! Have a look at his quirkiest outfits from 2016.