The Great Indian Woman: Sunny Leone

It’s the year 2013, the world is changing at jet-speed, older traditions are being fast replaced by modern ways of going about things. The existence of God, the meaning of religion is often questioned by the rational thinkers, believers of science behind everything that happens in the world. The ones who always believe that everything that happens always does for a reason. Faith is just another word picked up from the English dictionary and over-used in our films, T.V. shows and other media.

About 15 years back, there was a sudden boom in the T.V. industry in India when the Queen of Soaps, Ekta Kapoor delivered her superhit soap, Kyunkii Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, that ran into generations into generations into generations, over some 2000 episodes. Through all this, only one of her characters remained constant – the immortal, Baa (played by Sudha Shivpuri). The serial was a hit simply because there was suddenly someone who understood the needs of housewives  much more their husbands did (seemingly, don’t find me and beat me up if this wasn’t the case). There were gossips about what happened in the episode the previous and what was going to happen in the new episode. Remember how it was heartbreaking to know that it was a Thursday and the next telecast would only be on a Monday? *Kya, Kya, Kya… echoes in my mind, Ekta Kapoor style*
Well, whatever the soap did is a reflection of how serials are treated today. There is seldom something new. Everything seems to be a rip-off off the other. The women refuse to dress down from their perpetual celebration attire, they sleep with makeup on (which by the way, is extremely hazardous), are only somehow conditioned to stay home and keep house and contribute in the ever-growing population of the country. Because, let’s face it… according to the set notion, if a woman were to demand independence, she would actually be announcing her ‘availability’ to the whole world and hence all her activities world be frowned upon. High time there was a change in the way everyone thought? How about have someone as hot and desirable as American import, Sunny Leone, act in one of these daily soaps, or say be the lead actress in Kyunkii Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi – Doosra Adhyay? Can’t imagine yet? Let me offer you some assistance. For added effect, we’ll play the original title song of the hit serial in the background.
The grand door of the Virani residence opens yet again and Sunny Leone as Tulsi welcomes you with her hands folded in Namaste. You follow her around the house as she introduces you to all the members of the family, and finally, the immortal Baa. Sunny Leone, still wears her low-cut blouses and the petticoats of her sarees are tied a lot below the navel, yet she manages to pull of the character of the quintessential Indian bahu with a lot of ease. Picture changing husbands every now and then, discovering your partner’s illicit relationships, kids who may not be kids (this is a little difficult ‘cause you’d know which offspring you have borne, you know). And then it all becomes a blur of psychedelic patterns and you are suddenly transported to a parallel world where there’s a door leading to a penthouse (*wink) where you are welcomed by The Sunny Leone, as we have known her. She comes close to you and… *snap* you are woken up from your blissful dream. However, do check if there is nothing inappropriate about your being at this point. 😛
See, it’s simple, we are lovers of art in all forms; from the carvings at Khajuraho to the fascinating story of Kamasutra, all of which was born on Indian soil. Sex has been made a taboo by a certain nagging force which brought about a drastic change in how people saw and appreciated beauty.  Having said that, it’s pretty easy to understand why it’s difficult to fathom the famous pornstar as Tulsi, but by labeling her so, we the audience, whose demands are mostly insatiated, don’t give enough room for improvement to the storytellers or filmmakers. All of us often think with blinders on. Question is, if someone did cast Sunny in the role of a ‘sanskaari bahu’, would she be so accepted?
Tell us what you think… 

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