Bollywood loves drama and adds the element to everything it touches. Our movies are always elaborate on the places they are based on. The dosage of drama is always on point when it comes to Bollywood.

There are movies that bring another lead in the story, they let the cities weave their own stories in the movie. Cities that caste a different spell on the audience. Everything said and done, the creators need to have a way with entwining both, the story and the city.

1.  Haider – Kashmir

Vishal Bharadwaj brilliantly weaved William Shakespeare’s Hamlet with Kashmir’s real tragedy. Tabu’s character Ghazala Mir, is metaphorically and devastatingly Kashmir. Like Kashmir, Ghazala is a beauty torn apart between two.

2.  Wake Up Sid – Mumbai

Wake up Sid

Who disagrees that the most beautiful place to visit at night in Mumbai is Marine Drive? We saw Aisha struggle with the flat, we saw Sid click photos in the bylanes of the city and we saw them unite at Marine Lines at the end. There is a different side of the city here, the one which is filled with love and light.

3.  Kahaani – Kolkata


Honestly, it felt as if Kolkata was the protagonist in this one. The trams, the streets, and the Durga pujo, everything was just brilliantly picturized. The performance-oriented Kahaani was enhanced by Kolkata.

4. Masaan– Varanasi


This extremely brilliant movie was based in Varanasi, the story revolves around the Ganges river and it is pretty heartwrenching. If you haven’t watched the movie, we suggest you do right away. There is a certain amount of love, heartache, pain, and joy in the place.

5. Band Bajaa Baraat – Delhi


Dil-hi, Bittu and Shruti’s love story with a dash of Delhi and bread pakode ki kasam, we loved what we saw! From Janak Puri chaap to Sanik farm, Delhi was pivotal to the story.

6. Newton– Chhattisgarh


Newton takes us to the unrest-ridden forests of Bastar where the lines between friend and foe blurs and grassroots problems of the country become more and more evident.