Salman Khan has been a lot of things in the movies. Villain is not one of them.

Bhai has never played a negative character in his entire career. In one of his earlier interviews, he said,I don’t want to be a villain. I believe in entertaining the audience. I like playing the hero, a good man whose memory people carry back home.”

But now, things are about to change. Salman Khan is going to play a character with grey shades in Race 3. While has played the anti-hero before, this will be the first time his character will be doing villainous things. So, what made Salman change his mind and take up this role?

Well, if a source close to the film is to be believed, it has to do with the fact that Salman has put up a condition for his role, and that’s the fact that his character will not be shown doing any of the usual villainy things. The source says,

“While Salman did not want to play a villain in the past few years, he chose to play one in Race 3. But he did not want to play a regular villain, who goes around killing people. Bollywood villains are stereotyped as these goons who just go around town beating up people, drinking alcohol and be those typical skirt chasers. Salman did not want anything to do with that, and made it clear to the makers of Race 3. He told them that he wanted to play a psychological villain, where he would formulate all his vicious plans in his brain and win the battles by wit rather than brute power. He wants to be a conniving villain and that’s what you will see him doing in Race 3.”

How excited are you to see him in a different character?