Here’s who we’d cast if Bollywood made Disney movies!

Disney movies are magical. They take us back to castles, ballrooms, magic spells and poisoned apples, adding some bit of forgotten fairy tales into our lives. While we have moved past the idea of a Prince Charming on his white horse, it doesn’t hurt to revisit now, does it? With the release of Disney’s live-action Cinderella drawing close, here’s who we’d cast if Bollywood were to make Disney movies!


Deepika-Ranveer: Beauty and the Beast

Ranveer is the bad boy we cannot help but love and Deepika is the picture of poise and grace. Theirs is a love story crafted by the Gods. I can almost see Deepika sashay down the stairs in her beautiful ballgown and the pair dancing to ‘Tale As Old As Time…’


Ranbir-Katrina: Cinderella and Prince Charming

Katrina Kaif is the definition of beauty, kindness and grace; while Ranbir is the prince who will pursue the girl of his dreams, glass slipper in hand. If the rumour mills are to be believed, our desi Cinderella will soon join Bollywood’s royal family!

Abhishek-Ash: Snow White and Prince Florian

The fairest maiden of them all, Aishwarya may have taken an innocent bite out of the poisoned apple. However, it won’t be long before her true love’s kiss will save her. Ash would be the perfect Snow white and Abhishek the perfect prince charming, as they ride into the sunset and live happily ever after.


Bipasha-Karan: Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip

As the princess is cursed into a deep slumber, Karan will make his way through the toughest forests and cross the tallest mountains to break the curse. Why, look at his fitness levels! He’d manage to do all that and rescue the beautiful Bipasha from her deathly sleep!


 SRK-Gauri: Aladdin and Jasmine


SRK’s story is a classic example of rags to riches. The Delhi boy, who dreamed of being the king of the film industry, bumped into Gauri at a friend’s party. While she wasn’t impressed at first, it was love at first sight for Shah Rukh Khan. And what a lovely fairytale they spun! Bollywood’s most loved couple made a whole new world for themselves, cruising on their magic carpet!

Think of any other real life celebrity couples who could make a charming Disney pair? Drop us a comment below!

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