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If Indian Historical Movies Were Made By Hollywood Directors

Even if you are a die-hard Bollywood fan, you have to agree that there have been no filmmakers in Bollywood on par with their Hollywood counterparts. Bollywood had definitely given us some amazing movies, which could not have been made better by anyone else. But if Hollywood filmmakers were given a chance to direct Indian movies, there’s no doubt they would be out-of-this-world. For example, the best movie made on Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi would be David Attenborough’s Gandhi. This biographical drama film on the most important historical man of India was directed and produced by an Englishman, starring another Englishman as Gandhi (Ben Kingsley).

On the occasion of the 70th Independence Day, we bring you a list of more filmmakers we wish would make historical movies in India. Take a look and comment below if you agree with us.

Mel Gibson
An action hero himself, Gibson has directed a number of war films, including the critically acclaimed Braveheart and the recent Hacksaw Ridge. He has managed to capture the horrors of war, while focusing on a singular character, unlike no other. If the Mad Max director were to make a film on the Indian Freedom struggle or focus on a period of history, like the 1857 uprising, we’re sure it would be unlike any other patriotic film we have seen till date.

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On the sets of Braveheart

Steven Spielberg
Saving Private Ryan
 is probably one of the best patriotic movies ever made, and the credit goes to its director. One of the most important directors in Hollywood, Spielberg has also made historical movies based in other countries, such as Schindler’s List (Germany), Munich (Palestine), and Amistad (Cuba). Spielberg has fantastically captured human emotions in each of these movies, and it is only fair that his next historical venture should be based in our country.

Christopher Nolan
Known to produce superhits after superhits, Nolan couldn’t be praised enough for his outstanding scripts and unique style of filmmaking. His recent film, Dunkirk, garnered the praise of audience and critics, for retelling a piece of history that was fairly forgotten. He brought the battle of Dunkirk to the big screen, however, he did leave out the presence of Indian soldiers in the same. Nolan could be forgiven for that, but he could make up for it, by making another brilliant war film, this time, specific to India.

Top Hollywood directors Christopher Nolan - BookMyShow
On the sets of The Dark Night

Clint Eastwood
Known for his Western movies, we want to give Eastwood a more challenging role by focusing on the East, for a change. Some of his most popular historical movies include American SniperFlags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima. There is no doubt that the American filmmaker has made some mind-blowing films in his own country, and he could do the same in the historically rich nation of India as well.

Ridley Scott
Known for his period films, Scott has traveled ancient Rome (Gladiator), medieval England (Robin Hood), and modern Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down). These films have received critical acclaim, and that’s the beauty of this director. Wherever he goes, he creates magic with his unique visual style of filmmaking. We can’t think of anyone better to make an Indian historical film than the Alien director, as he has not ventured into this part of the world earlier.