How We Can Change Our Lives and Lead a Better Life.

Three different lives. One touching tale. Ship Of Theseus will be hitting theaters shortly. The movie shows three different stories of people who had to make major changes in their lives. The way the movie has been scripted is quite beautiful.

We all want to change certain aspects of our lives to improve our productivity and efficiency. Here are some life hacks:

Brushing your teeth with the lesser used hand (In case you’re right-handed, use the left. In case you’re left-handed, use the right). What this will do? Well, your brain is split into two parts – left and right. When you use the less predominant hand to do certain activities, that part of your brain lights up. You’re at your productive best when both parts of your brain are lit and work in sync with each other.

Ever heard of deep breathing when you’re finicky or in some sort of a sticky situation? Well, deep breathing is not really the answer. The trick is to breathe with constant and stable rhythm. That will calm your brain down. Helps you focus!

READ! I cannot stress on this point enough. Reading, is by far one of the best things you can do. And, it is not the novels or the newspapers. You can read anything you want. Comic Books, small articles on goofy things and what not. There are a lot of applications available that have these small articles pertaining to various subjects.

Music is something that soothes the savage beast. YouTube has millions of songs that will help calm your mood and put you in the right perspective. Artists such as Ludovico Einaudi have written music that is literally meant to calm you down. And of course, you have Bollywood classics and other golden oldies.

If you’re someone who has a desk job, move around. Work for 45 minutes and then take a ten minute break. When I say break, I mean break. Do not talk or even think about work. Those 10 minutes are all yours.

There are some changes that we go through that are bad for us. The question is, how are we going to make the best of whatever changes we implement in our lives.


Watching Ship Of Theseus will definitely give you an insight into your own lives.

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