If Bollywood Stars Were in Your Office…

We all wonder what it would feel like to be a celebrity. How amazing and glamorous our lives would be! The fame, the attention and everything else that comes with it. It’s a dream we all have, though who knows if we’ll ever get to live it. But have you ever thought what Bollywood celebrities would do if they lived our lives, even for a day? Imagine if these stars were employed in a company, what hierarchy would be followed? Which role would each one play? We’ve made a few educated guesses. 

(DISCLAIMER: These postings are meant for fun only and should not be taken seriously.)
1. The CEO
Rajnikanth! There are no options when it comes to this. There’s only one Thalaiva! SRK would be his right-hand man.
2. The Office Pervert
We have a tie for this one- Emraan Hashmi or Ranveer Singh! You choose the winner. Their on-screen antics leave us unsure of who would play the part better. 
3. The Serious Boss
Aamir Khan, Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood, would be the ideal boss who is all about work.
4. The Eye Candy
Deepika! Look at the picture- does it need an explanation? In Karthik Calling Karthik, the gorgeous actress actually played this role, to great effect.
5. The One Who is Always Waiting for Lunch
What’s up, Sonakshi?
6. The Gossip Group
Well, hello, the whole of Bollywood.
7. The Runner Boy
If recent photographs are taken into consideration, Nawazuddin would be the perfect fit for this role.
If you don’t agree with our casting, feel free to let us know. We haven’t sent out the appointment letters yet!