The world of films is ever growing and evolving. Movies are crossing all barriers and there are some phenomenal movie makers with stories that would enthrall you. Keeping aside the language bar, movies eventually are nothing but the human imagination that is beyond geographical boundaries. So if you are all up for amazing stories, Korean movies are carving their own sweet niche. But since the sample space for Korean movies is huge, start with these 12 Korean movies and let us know which one was your favorite.

1. My Sassy Girl

It is a norma girl-meets-boy romantic story but with plots and twists that bypass usual romantic sagas. The first half of the story is replete with fun-filled romantic moments but the film picks up an emotional stance by the second half. Thanks to the on-screen pairing of Cha Tae-Hyun and Jun Ji-Hyun, their relationship is extremely relatable.


2. Turning Gate

Picking up subtle nuances of human emotions, Turning Gate is a romantic tale dealing with desire and rejection. Actor Kyung Soo falls in love with two women, leaving former at the first exit while making the latter one his potential wife. However, there is so much common between the two relationships that he is left wondering if he has loved both of them the same way.


3. Oasis

An ex-convict falls in love with a woman suffering from cerebral palsy. What brings them close is their common fear of dealing with taboo-ed stares and glares.


4.  Vengeance Trilogy

Park Chan-wook’s three movies revolving around ‘vengeance’ as the pivotal subject are a  must watch. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, all three movies have much more to offer than simple revenge flicks. Not to mention the lucidity of bloodbath scenes, that take you to a real life tangent altogether.


5. A Tale of Two Sisters

The haunting beauty with which the movie is filmed is unbelievable. Two sisters return from a hospital after a mysterious illness. They are hell bent to release their father from the love trap of their step-mother. What looks like a fairy tale in narration is replete with some pretty dark spots.


6. Samaritan Girl

Based on the subject of teen prostitution, the story revolves around two adolescent girls who wish to fulfill their dreams of making it to Europe. One girl falls into prostitution while the other sets up clients. The narrative takes you through the otherwise doomed characters, giving you the liberty to go through their psyche as you want.


7. A Moment to Remember

An emotionally draining love-story, Kim, a fashion designer is struck by a rare form of Alzheimer’s. While Kim’s husband tries to keep up with her ordeals, the tale narrates the personal pain the couple goes through, fighting the destined.


8. Welcome to Dongmakgol

Set in 1950, the war drama is one sarcastic take on the human tendency to destroy peace. North Korean and South Korean soldiers end up in an isolated village of Dongmakgol, where everybody lives in peace and tranquility. Can you imagine, what happens when two enemies get stuck in a village full of cheerful people?

Welcome to Dongmakgolr

9. The Chaser

A thriller that would keep you on the edges, The Chaser is about a detective turned pimp whose girls go missing without clearing the debts. There is just one clue- All of them have met the same person before disappearing. Add to it a lot of raw violence, brutal bloodshed and you get an unthinkable cinematic experience.


10. Castaway on the Moon

Mr. Kim decides that there is nothing left for him to live when he plunges into the Han River. Unfortunately, even death betrays him as he is washed ashore an uninhabited land. Kim cannot swim and all he is left with is days of gazing at the skyline of Seoul. A woman, however, is able to spot him through her telephoto lens and hence starts an unspoken relationship between the two.


11. Mother

A mentally challenged child, Do Jun is arrested in the murder case of a young school girl. However, his single mother sets on her own investigation to set her son free. The psycho-thriller takes you through unprecedented limits of a mother’s love for her child until you find the end.


12. Silenced

One has to be careful about this one as it is bound to poke your darkest corners. The depiction of sexual, physical and corporal abuse through haunting crimes committed by a school’s headmaster and admin’s head would leave you gasping for air.


So, weekends plans are sorted! Until then, we are already working on the next list!