India, Meme-fied

Memes are a rage amongst generation Y. They’re all over the internet and are somehow getting imbibed in our day to day speech as well. Speaking in memes, i.e. associating a meme with a friend, colleague, relative or even a stranger; isn’t an uncommon site amongst the 9GAG reading and internet addicted generation. So if you were living in an alternative universe, which figure/entity would be a personification of which meme? Here are a few that we can think of.

Pedobear is a well-known icon used to signal moderators and other users that illegal pornographic content had been posted. In the meme world it’s seen as a symbol of paedophilia.
The takers are many, but amongst a hoard of paedophiles trying to get their hands on the PedoBear title, Asaraam Bapu takes the cake. Being a popular Sadhu has its perks I guess. So will the real PedoBear please stand up? Oh but there are too many! However, let’s settle with Bapu for now.

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy
Also known as the Zeddie Little meme, Ridiculously Photogenic Guy  features a photo of a smiling man, (who is undoubtedly handsome) running. And the Ridiculously Photogenic guy title goes to…it’s a tie between Shashi Tharoor and Raghuram Rajan, for obvious reasons. We thought we’d give Rahul Gandhi a chance too but then we remembered that he is on a renunciation trip, renouncing all his dreams i.e., so we take it back Rahul baba!

Forever Alone
The Forever Alone meme is loneliness personified. Although he doesn’t fit the bill exactly, yet there’s something about Manmohan Singh’s personality that reminds us of the Forever Alone meme. Can’t you totally picture our Prime Minister, sitting alone in his cabin thinking about the things that he really wants to speak out loud to nation? And just as he’s built enough courage to do so, a wild Sonia barges in and sends him back to his corner. Think about it, you’ll agree with us.

Me Gusta
When literally translated to Spanish, Me Gusta means, “I like it”. But in the meme world it means one’s approval of a perverse situation.
If you were one of those regular individuals, now scarred, after witnessing Mallika Sherawat singing “Happy Birthday” to Narendra Modi, you would immediately relate her to the Me Gusta meme. What she did was outright perverse and she seemed to be the only one liking it. ‘Me not gusta’, Mallika.

Yao Ming Face / Bitch Please
This meme is a drawing of basketball player Yao Ming wearing a sarcastic smile. Nana Patekar, the man who has sarcasm written all over his face, is the unquestionably the rightful representative of this meme.

Scumbag Steve
Traditionally, Scumbag Steve is a meme of a kid wearing a sideways fitted cap and is associated with unethical behavior regarding drugs, partying, and other hedonistic behaviors.
Remember Rajat Sharma, the man, who would appear on your TV screens in ’90s with a black mole on his face? Now you would ask us, what makes him Scumbag Steve? Well, not only did he invite popular figures to his show for an interview, but while he was at it he made sure to slyly insult the shit out of them. Hence he’s our Scumbag Steve.

Bitch Slap
Bitch Slap is a cartoon image of an annoyed Batman slapping Robin on the face.
Now try imagining Arnob Goswami bitch-slapping everybody that comes on his show (well almost everybody). Although he doesn’t literally bitch-slap them but his loud gestures are suggestive of a bitch slap. Who can forget him ragging Abhijit Mukherjee about his disgraceful comments on women, on his famed show ‘The News Hour’.

Bad Luck Brian
This meme features a photo of a blonde teenage boy in a sweater and braces and is accompanied by captions that describe a variety of embarrassing and tragic occurrences.
From being slapped on live television to being penalised with a life ban in the IPL, Sreesanth is India’s answer to Bad Luck Brian.

So which meme are you?

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