Listing Songs of Sweet Sixteen

Teens, when the age of innocence crumbles and revelations hit-hard like stormy waves. The line between reality and perceptions is blurred out and what remains is our vision provided by the environment we thrive in. The fad culture makes us meek, makes us give in to the peer pressure and out-do our peers. It makes us come out as the rebellious and we strongly feel the urge to shun the tag of an outcast. These are some normal humane feelings that every teenager faces. But how many get to express it? How many succumb to peer pressure? How many go awry and start following the wrong path? Well, most of them. Yet we see sweetness, glossiness getting attached to this age. No person can fathom the feeling of “I am 16, going on 17”, not when you are in that age and even after having crossed that age. It is inexplicable!

Having said that, there is an alluring factor to this age and it has been the center of attraction especially for Indian filmmakers. The number 16 has been highly-hailed by the film industry. This age of innocence has been described impeccably through songs; and lyrics have been hard-hitting. Not just the songs but films like Solva Saal have made this number legendary. With yet another film, dealing with the number 16, lined up for release, here’s listing some of the hit songs on this coming of age number:
Sound of Music, a classic movie, is a must-watch for the movie buffs and if you haven’t seen this one, it’s time to rechristen yourself. Hata do movie buff ka tag! The point worth-mentioning here is that this classic tale has one song that hits on the number 16. Well, since the song is already mentioned in the earlier paragraph, it would become too repetitive but nonetheless for the love of the film, the age and the song “I am 16 going on 17” is the number one song on our sweet sixteen listing.

The next song was a mass hit in the 90s and one of the favorite amongst the youth at the time. “ Tujhe Laga Solva Saal”, taken from an album of singer Sukhdev. The bang on Punjabi beats and the hip-hop style makes it an eternal foot-tapping number.

Although a bit biased to “Tujhe Laga Solva Saal”, a music lover will never forget the appeasing salutations given to this age. From an immortal love tale of Sapna and Vasu, the song “Sola Baras Ki Bali Umar Ko Salam” only strengthened this teenage love story and made it a rage amongst the youth of that time. The song still retains its charisma. Period.

Subhash Ghai’s film’s popularity may have diminished with time but the tale he reiterated through the first film he directed under the Mukta Arts banner, Karz is still a charmer. What’s appealing in that film is the simplicity with which the story is narrated as also how very flawless and beautiful the music of the film was. Laxmikant-Pyarelal, there’s nothing that can beat the two! The way the song “Main Sola Baras Ki Tu Satra Baras Ka” has been shot, sung and written it makes the teenager in us come alive even after years!

Lastly, though not much known but the retro era too gave its acknowledgment to the age of sixteen. Two different films, different music composers in different times, made the lyrics “Mohe Laga Solva Saal” an inclination among the masses for this age. We’d rather hail these songs as the foundation for having brought the other lovely songs to light! We therefore suggest you lend an ear to both the tracks: Mohe Laga Solva Saal from the film Maashal and Mohe Laga Solva Saal from the film Solva Saal.
Before we sign off, we’d sure give all the teenagers a warning call “Ek Do Baras Zara Door Rehna, Kuch Ho Gaya To Phir Na Kehna”.

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