Loved Rani? Praphul Aka Simran Will Steal Your Heart

It had been a while since we saw Kangana in a free-spirited avatar but with the release of Simran's trailer, it seems like our wait is over because Kangana is back with a little bit of Rani and a little bit of Tanu in her and the combination is everything we are looking for. Kangana, who was last seen in Rangoon plays a divorcee, Praphul Patel, hailing from a Gujarati family and boy she's got the accent game on point.

So our Praphul here is cheesy af starting conversations with "Are you tired? Because you are running in my mind." and  her role just gets better when she says "Ladka pataana koi flaw thodi hai, woh toh talent hota hai." But wait, that's not it. The twist in the story comes when she reveals her real flaw "Mujhe chori aur juye ki latt hai." you heard it right (Shoplifting and gambling). The two and a half minute trailer shows you everything from Kangana in different wigs and costumes to being chased by cops with a bloody nose to even getting violent with her parents. 

By the end of the trailer, you are convinced that Kangana is going to woo us with yet another stunning performance and the release date of the movie, 15th September, suddenly seems too far away. A breath of fresh air is what the Simran trailer is. If you haven't watched it, watch it right here.

Watch this space for Simran's review.