New trends in Bollywood

It is not unusual for Bollywood to adopt things that Hollywood does, right from the stories to posters and characters, even the name Bollywood. The Hindi movie industry has been doing this for quite sometime now and they make sure that they do it in its own ishtyle. The latest where our film stars have taken a leaf or should we say a tweet out of the book of their Western counterparts are the Announcements on Social Networking sites.

Twitter, it seems, is the new and the best public relation tool for our celebrities, right from link-ups to breakups to baby announcements and new projects being taken up, everything is first on Twitter. The best part about these announcements is that there is no scope of it being false or a rumor. The official social handles makes sure that you hear this news straight from the horse’s mouth. The micro-blogging site has given this opportunity to our screen idols to talk directly with their followers. Gone are the days when one had to wait for an entertainment daily to break the news proclaiming “you heard it here first”.
So, when John Abraham made his wedding announcement subtly via a New Year tweet or the Bachchan family broke the news of welcoming the new baby girl in their family directly to their millions of followers, it was not something much unexpected. However, Twitter is not like Facebook, and is still considered a lot more niche and premium in its use. For celebrities, it is as good as having a one-on-one conversation with their fans, from retweets to direct replies, Twitter makes many things much simpler for our celebs.
In a way, it is the exclusive reach and the 140 characters constraint that has made people turn to Twitter for their life announcements. It is as simple as “I’m pregnant!!! Brandon and I are so excited! Best early Christmas present ever” tweet by Kelly Clarkson that was quite enough to beat the tabloids and make that exclusive announcement to her fans. And this is also what probably brings the stars and their fans closer. Will these frequent ‘breaking news’ tweets narrow the gap between fans and their onscreen idols which also in a sense adds to the frenzy and mad following? The fact is, the tweets would surely come thick and fast from our beloved celebrities that would make us feel a lot closer to them.
Check your Twitter timeline, and you probably shall find a tweet from SRK announcing his collaboration with Hrithik for a superhero flick.
By Shreyas Shetty

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