How ‘Pehla Nasha’ Became Bollywood’s First Slow-Motion Song

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If you can believe it, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander turns 28 today. Man, we are old! This coming-of-age movie had everything we expect from a young movie – sweet crushes, crushing heartbreaks, chaddi friendships, spiting rivalries and of course, an inter-collegiate competition of everything.

Among the hajaar things we love about Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander is the designated song of first love Pehla Nasha. The iconic intro to the songs are the melodious keys and the whole song has been shot in slow motion. After Baywatch, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander made slow-motion dreamy and irresistible. Now, this was the first time a song was entirely in slow motion, including the lip sync. When a young Aamir  Khan swayed along to the tune and flung his sweater high up in the air, Bollywood changed for us.

The song was Bollywood’s first song to be shot entirely in slow motion ushering the world of cinematography into a newfound technique, with its baby steps. Not just that, the song in itself was a new endeavour for the actors could not just mouth the lyrics at a normal pace. They all had to mouth the words in highly sped-up version, otherwise enacting at a slow speed. The high-speed film was then slowed down to get the dubbing and acting to finally meet halfway, looking normal on the large and small screens.

What became a normal visual effect in the future, was a complicated ordeal, very well achieved with Farah’s choreography. The song was also the first-ever individual project for Farah Khan, and the first time a choreographer was involved in a song with much more direction than just the steps.

Her experiments added to the magical poetry by Majrooh Sultanpuri eventually became a timeless piece, larger than the movie itself. Perhaps, it is time to fall in love with it again!

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