Phillauri Trailer: Anushka Sharma As The Corpse Bride!

Never in our wildest dreams did we think that Bollywood would be inspired by Tim Burton. If you have seen any of the director’s movies, you know that they are dark and sombre, with fairly stoic characters – very different from what we see in glitzy and dramatic Bollywood. But now, we have a movie that borrows its primary plot from Corpse Bride, the 2005 musical fantasy, and adds color and comedy to the narrative. Phillauri stars Anushka Sharma as The Corpse BrideSuraj Sharma as The Doomed GroomMehreen Pirzada as The Intended Bride, and Diljit Dosanjh as A Blast from the Past. The newly released trailer looks funny, quirky, and gets you excited about the upcoming movie.

The plot is pretty much clear from the trailer itself. Suraj Sharma (of Life of Pi fame) is a maanglik and is made to marry a tree before he can marry his betrothed. Unfortunately, the tree he is wed to is haunted by a ghost (Anushka Sharma), and she is thus married to him. She begins to haunt him, in a funny kind of way, popping up unexpectedly. No one other than him can see her, and when his living fiancée catches a garment hovering midair, she begins to engage with the spirit. Together, they come to the conclusion that the ghost has some unfinished business, which prevents her from joining the afterlife.

Anushka’s past unravels and this is when Diljit Dosanjh makes his appearance. It’s assumed that he won’t be around for the first half of the movie. Diljit and Anushka play lovers, who were separated due to certain incidents, which are not very clear in the trailer. Some things are best left for the big day, which happens to be 24th of March this year. If you have any guesses, do let us know in comments below. Until then, here’s the trailer of Phillauri for you: