Prediction for ‘Zanjeer’

Now this one’s a remake of the 1971 cult action film of the same name.

Will director Apoorva Lakhia be able to do justice to the original and re-create the same magic on screen which made a ‘star’ out of Amitabh Bachchan ?.
Our in-house expert and ace astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts the fate of this Reliance Entertainment production:  
“The title ‘ZANJEER’ is adding up to Number 26 – this octave of Number 8 (Saturn) is one of the most unluckiest numbers as it indicates gravest warnings for the future and foreshadows disasters brought about by association with others; ruin by speculations, partnerships, unions and bad advice. If it comes out in connection with future events, one should carefully consider the path one is treading” explains Bhavikk. 
“As per the numerological meaning derived, it seems the new version will nowhere be able to match up the expectations of the old and hence it will be outright rejected by the paying public” predicts Bhavikk.
“Also, the release date of the film – 6th September 2013 is a day primarily ruled by Number 6 (Venus) – the planet of love, sex, harmony, peace etc. and this one being an action drama; the plot does not go in sync with the vibration of this particular day”.
“But as far as the performances go, the current year 2013 which adds up to Number 6 (Venus) is likely to prove lucky for most Number 3, 6, 8 and 9 people, places, dates, names etc. and Tollywood actor Ram Charan (27th March 1985) making his Hindi debut with this film and Priyanka Chopra (18th July 1982) both fall in to this bracket directly” he adds.
“Yes, despite its box office fate, the Telugu star will be accepted by the audiences and shall receive accolades especially for performing the daredevil stunts on his own. As for Priyanka, she will do an earnest job and enact her part with utmost sincerity” he adds further. 
“On the other hand, Mahie Gill (19th December 1975) may feel a bit left out and her Mona Darling act would get overshadowed in the bargain” .
“Last but not the least, Sanjay Dutt (29th July 1959) will be loved by the ‘aam junta’ for reprising the role of ‘Sher Khan’ enacted superbly by the late Pransaab”.
“But alas, the collections of the film will be far from encouraging although the Telugu version titled ‘Toofan’ will fare much better” ends Bhavikk on a clear note. 

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