“Home is where the heart dwells”. This is an old saying and Radhika Apte’s apartment in Mumbai brings this statement to life. Despite being a B-town celeb, her apartment is not the swanky kind but a warm and comfortable place that will soothe the mind and body after a long tiring day.

radhika's house

The 32-year-old actress shares the apartment with her husband Benedict Taylor and their house certainly reflects the creative intellect the two of them share.

radhika apte

In a recent video, Radhika showed around her apartment and shared the story behind the wonderfully done four walls that they call home. She mentioned how her husband who happened to know a lot of people in Mumbai encouraged her to make a ‘home’ in this city and well, they did make it happen!

radhika house

Radhika disclosed how her husband is better at imagining things and how she is better at implementing those things.

radhika's living room

The Living Room
Radhika has grown up around trees and hence wanted a lot of plants in the house. She made sure that there is enough light and a fresh vibe to the living room every morning.

radhika house 2

Radhika’s Love For Vintage Furniture
Radhika is someone who believes in keeping memories along with her and hence she happens to have a lot of furniture that belongs to her grandmother.

radhika's furniture

Radhika’s Favorite Reading Spot
She also has a reading spot which has been converted originally from a balcony. She likes the breeze and believes that the spot becomes more magical during Mumbai monsoons.

radhika's reading spot

The Bedroom
Her bedroom has a very minimalistic decor because Radhika and Taylor are two very different people and their cupboards are also allocated according to their different personalities.

radhika's bedroom

The Personal Dressing Room
She also has a personal dressing room where she gets ready and prepares for audition tests. She treats this area like her workspace and usually exits the house after she’s done grooming herself here in this room.

radhika's dressing room

Here’s how Radhika Apte’s warm and cozy apartment looks like. Watch her talk about converting a space into a ‘home’ full of love and comfort.

Radhika is currently working in ‘Bazaar’ which is also starring Saif Ali Khan and apart from that, she is also going to be a part of Vikramaditya Motwane’s movie on vigilante justice.

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