Those who have worked with Sridevi, in any stage of her career, swear by her professionalism. She had never thrown any tantrums, and pretty much done anything the director has asked her to do.

This is a story that proves Sridevi was a consummate professional. She was shooting for Lamhe in London, when she got the news of her dad passing away. She left the shooting and came to Madras. The film was almost 90% completed, and late Yash Chopra asked Sridevi honestly how much time off she needed. She told him she’ll be back on shoot in 16 days, and sure enough, on the 16th day, she was present on the sets.


And that’s not all, the first scene she had to shoot for, after returning was a comedy scene with veteran actress Waheeda Rehman. But Sridevi did it, and without any complaints. In fact, she promptly gave multiple retakes of the same scene.

Even Yash Chopra had acknowledged Sridevi’s professionalism in an interview, saying that Sridevi gave her best to make that scene look absolutely perfect. Even when we see the scene now, it is almost impossible to figure out that she was going through internal grief in her personal life at the time.

That’s how good Sridevi was!

Here’s Yash Chopra’s interview-

Sridevi passed away last night at the age of 54. BookMyShow extends its heartfelt condolences to her family and fans.