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Search your Souls and Speak your Heart out with Dear Zindagi!

“Dear Zindagi,
It’s really been a long time since we have spoken and I just wanted to say Hi.”

There are times when we feel separated from the outside world, can’t sleep through nights and just can’t fit in with our family anymore. We feel immense pressure because the choices we have made and are about to make will be judged no matter what, by our self, family, friends and the rest of the society. We are confronted with two options, easy and difficult and, we choose the difficult one just to make sure we don’t end up losing. But why? Why do we have to make a choice even? Why can’t we just stay put. And may be for one time choose the easy way. To answer all this, Director Gauri Shinde has made this cheat sheet of life- ‘Dear Zindagi’ and calls out to everyone to enjoy this light-hearted movie.

Alia Bhatt in her one of the best performances ever and Shah Rukh Khan as a therapist with his subtle humor have been able to win the heart of millions in ‘Dear Zindagi’. This heart touching, soul searching tale is about Kaira, played by Alia Bhatt who is a Cinematographer going through the most inevitable phase of the life- Depression. She is brilliant at her work, but searching for a big break as a ‘Camerawoman’. Shah Rukh Khan is in a role of an experienced, charming and a renowned therapist as Dr. Jehangir Khan, which he has played with utmost perfection.

Breakups in our relationships, search for our life partner, unresolved family issues and the shattered self-confidence, Kaira is exposed to character breaking hardships. Rather, those unnoticed ones we face in our twenty’s where we tend to think that this is probably the farthest we can go. After reaching Goa to her family, she finds all the answers to these mysteries of life from Dr Jehangir Khan, her life coach. With different stories and examples cited from day to day routine, he helps her break the cynicism of the daily life, voice her fears and get over her demons for greater good.

The music has been composed by the Amit Trivedi which is easy-going, partly melodious soundtrack but completely owned by Arijit Singh. The title track Love You Zindagi and Let’s Breakup are the songs you would want to listen to even after the movie gets over.

There are some subtle one-liners and numerous analogies drawn which explains how typical relationships are made and longed by any individual in the transient phases of life. The performance of both the actors in this new bollywood movie will make you gasp, make you chuckle and some honest and heartfelt truths unfolding in the second half will even make you cry.

So, if you’re in the mood to get some answers to your moot questions and understand life from a finer perspective, go for ‘Dear Zindagi’. Take a little laughter, cry your hearts out and come back home with a happy mindset. Go on a small introspective trip to the nearest theatres and don't forget to pre-book your tickets with BookMyShow- Mood Kiya, Book Kiya.

Written By: Archit Chawla