The Selfie Syndrome

It wasn’t very surprising when Oxford Dictionary declared the word ‘Selfie‘, the word of the year 2013. And our snap-happy-selfie loving celebrities has given us some absolute masterpieces.

Over the years, people have mastered the ‘art of selfie’. Incase you are still a novice at it, here’s how you go about getting the perfect selfie. Hold your phone up, turn to your best side, pucker up a bit (the Zoolander pout)… and there you go! Easy-peasy!

On the star-studded Oscar night of March 2, Ellen DeGeneress selfie with all the Hollywood A-listers broke all records. It became the most retweeted image ever (just FYI, over three million times). Back home, it didn’t take too long for our B-town stars to come up with another ‘Ellen DeGeneres kind of selfie’. Recently, Mandira Bedi shared her "selfie moment" on Twitter with Shahrukh Khan, filmmakers Kunal Kohli, Punit Malhotra amongst others. Ardent followers of Hollywood, aren’t we?



Thanks to Instagram and Twitter, we get a starry glimpse of our beloved stars anytime. Be it Alia’s pictures with her cat or Priyanka’s pout, their candid shots makes us go aww, ooo, and ahh! Call it narcissism or self-promotion, fans definitely enjoy the star show. And why not, we get the behind-the-scenes peek into their lives.



In a way, Instagram selfies are the greatest thing to happen for some celebrities. Some stars like Sonam Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Kim Kardashian et al are quite good at this art. They tweet, post selfies, share information and what not! However, at times they make us little queasy. I mean, how many pouts and cleavage shows can you handle on an average day?



Besides, it’s not just the girls. Don’t be surprised if you see Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan sharing their own moments of #selfies. Also on the bandwagon are Tom Hanks, Prince Williams, James Franco, Joseph Gordon-Levitt… the list goes on. Even the Pope couldn’t resist it, when he was asked to pose for a selfie soon after he became the Bishop of Rome. It’s the power of a click that no mortal can resist.



Slowly and steadily, the Selfie Syndrome is taking over the masses. With clever cropping and varied filters available, our favorite stars show off their rumpled hair and pyjamas. Away from the maddening paparazzi.

Be it the looney selfies of Miley Cyrus or the #fuglies of Jacqueline Fernandez, we just can’t help but browse through hundreds of our stars’ pictures.



Love it or hate it, but yes, Selfies do make us happy!

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