Shake it like Salman!

If there is one thing that the Bhai of Bollywood isn’t well-known for but still does it in style, it is his dance. Salman’s signature steps in his films have always caught on with the masses, thanks to the unique way in which he delivers. Ain’t nobody can shake it like Salman!

On the occasion of his birthday, we present to you 5 signature Salman steps that we all love!



Back in 1998, “Oh oh jaane jaana” was the most popular song, as a shirtless Salman wooed the girls with some adorable dance steps and a guitar in his hand!



The towel must be thankful to Salman for making it an overnight sensation. Haven’t we all tried this at some point of time in our lives? You bet!



Another Salman Khan dance, another prop! Who would have imagined a belt being incorporated into a dance step? Salman did, and Pandeyji made it look anything but cheap.



Towel? Check. Belt? Check. Well, now it’s time for a prop-less dance move. “Dhinka Chika” became an instant hit not only because of Mika Singh, but also Salman’s trademark step.



What’s a Salman Khan dance without his bulging muscles and bare chest? As much as this step in the title track made us giggle, it also made us go WOW! Ever tried flexing your muscles and winking simultaneously?

Well, these are just some of those typical Salman Khan dance moves that have become immensely popular with time and made us love Bhai even more! What’s your favorite Salman Khan signature dance move? Share with us in the comments below!

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