Showdown – Shahrukh Khan as Rahul vs Salman Khan as Prem

It’s been close to 25+ years since Prem came into our lives. The coy, lovable guy next-door who won our hearts in the early 90s. Salman Khan played the character so well that the image stuck. He has played Prem in 15 movies till date and we just can’t seem to get over it! That’s one sort of a guy. And then there’s Rahul, the quintessential naughty boy, played by Shah Rukh Khan. Ever since we saw him in Dil Toh Pagal Hai, he has been driving us crazy. If given a choice to pick between the two, who would you go for? Will it be Rahul – the flirty bad boy or Prem – the coy, romantic guy? Wait, we’ll make it easier for you!

The Flirting

The Style

The Smile

The Romance quotient

The Coy Smile

The Fun Side

We are even more confused now! Hope you were able to make your mind. Comment and let us know who’s your pick?