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6 Bollywood Movie Posters With Sloths

After Zootopia, sloths are our favorite animals. How can you not like them? Yes, they are slow, lazy, and impossible to bear with if you are in an emergency, but then on the other hand, they can be so adorable. We believe there is a sloth inside each one of us. It takes form during the weekend, and refuses to leave us till our third cup of coffee on Monday mornings. Now you understand why weekends are the best. Because you love the sloth inside you. It does not get you tired, just makes you lazy, and you love being like that. Any other way just sucks.

To celebrate sloths, we reimagined Bollywood movie posters with sloths in them. What if all our movies were based on sloths? Take a look and you shall know:  

Dilwale Dulhaniya So Jayenge
Discover true love – sleep, in the longest sleeping film in the history of Indian Cinema.

DDLJ - BookMyShow

Lazy Boyzzz
The Desi Boyz have gone to sleep.

Desi Boyz - BookMyShow

Sota Punjab
Punjab is switching off its alarm. Exercise di maa di!

Udta Punjab - BookMyShow

Happy So Jayegi
Running is too much of an effort. So Happy has decided to sleep instead.

Happy Bhaag Jayegi - BookMyShow

3 Sloths
All is well…when you are fast asleep.

3 Idiots - BookMyShow

Aalsee Indian Goddesses
Why be angry when you can be asleep?

Angry Indian Goddesses - BookMyShow


Images created and edited by Utsav Patel.