The Internet has become an integral part in this age and time. It is the place to be, for everything and everyone. People head towards the Internet for everything, ranging from entertainment to shopping, from learning to teaching. It is a humongous world in itself, now with a huge interactive part called social media.

Social media has recently become an undetachable part of our lives. In India, it all probably began with ‘Hi5‘, then came ‘Orkut‘, and now we have ‘Facebook’, ‘Instagram‘, ‘Twitter’, ‘YouTube‘, ‘Linkedln’ and countless others. People are just out there, putting their life on the Internet. It is the best and easiest space to exercise freedom of speech. And everyone from the President of America to a common man has access to it and uses it.

Speaking of the wide world out there, let’s narrow it down to Bollywood and celebrities. Don’t you think that the face of Bollywood has changed upside down because of social media? The lives of stars is no more a mystery. It is all up there on YouTube and Instagram.

Reel and Real life

Sonakshi Sinha - BookMyShow
Earlier, a film star’s life used to be a mystery. The perception of a filmstar was made by his/her movies and hence very few kids are named after Pran, till date. But the scenario today is a lot more different. We know everything about a filmstar’s life – the good as well as the bad. And it’s not only limited to the reel life updates that we get on the Internet. Right from the first look of a film to how they wake up in the morning, everything is out there on their social media handles.

Films and Promotions

Shah Rukh Khan - BookMyShow
Earlier, a celebrity coming to a college, a movie theatre or even a mall was a huge huge thing, and if you were lucky enough, you’d be there at the right time to catch a glimpse of them. Now the approach for promotions has changed massively. You get every update about the itinerary of the promotion schedule of a film, you know exactly where you have to be at what time to meet/see your favorite star. Social media itself has become a place for promotions because of its widest reach and its accessibility. The biggest part of promotions has been the Q & A sessions, directly with the lead of a certain movie, or with a director (the public doesn’t care as long as they’re getting an answer from their favorites). There have been contests and lucky draws where the fans even get to meet them, for real, and it’s all said and done on social media.

The Accessibility

Social Media - BookMyShow
Everything, except maybe a brain replacement, is just a click away from you now.  Love a film star? Mad about them? You can live their life by following them on their social media handles. The best part is probably that following them is not considered creepy or dangerous. From their gym routine to what food they eat, you’ll find everything you need…or don’t.

The Connection

Fan - BookMyShow
Didn’t you always feel that there is a connection between you and your favorite celebrity or movie? Well, there always is, you don’t love Kuch Kuch Hota Hai because you think it’s a great script (let’s face it, it isn’t), you love it because you also loved your best friend in college and he/she left you for some hotter person (you feel the film). Coming back to connection, you always wanted to know about it, and social media has helped you, not only find it but also develop one. You can just Google the likes and dislikes, and when you don’t find anything matching, you can even find out where to buy clothes from to have a wardrobe similar to Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor or anyone you wish.The amazing part is that you can actually ask them personally (on a public platform) about it.

From PR to per Person

Kangana Ranaut - BookMyShow
Nobody knew about PR a few years ago and hence all the stories and controversies used to be zipped inside the industry. I wish i could elaborate on this but let’s just not create a controversy here. 


Salman - BookMyShow
Social media is not always kind. While there are people using the medium and putting it to good use, there are also some who are there just for fun. As much as everything is out there and social media is a place where half of the world currently is, there needs to be an equal amount of entertainment. And the entertainment industry is the biggest source of it. One of the recent trends on the Internet is trolling celebrities for their social/general activities and then judging them on their response. 

The Bad Part

KRK - BookMyShow
It has never been all about getting people to like you. There are people who hate everybody and then there are people like KRK, who like to go out of the way in pursuit of publicity. They use their freedom of speech to insult people and get insulted themselves. But at the end, it’s all about entertainment and fun, and loving our celebrities.

Enough of reading, go back and check your facebook wall now!