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Thank Your “Boring” Life After Watching These Movies

Most of us live this mundane life in the pursuit of a purpose that we are too lazy to even find. We are effortlessly trying to make our mornings better with the help of a cup of coffee. Aren't we just super bored with our lives already?

All of us who are reading this post can easily be considered the privileged lot of the world. Most people on earth do not even have the basic amenities that we take for granted. Obviously, we are too lazy and busy contemplating the bad part that we just ignore the better side. There have been many movies that also make our lives a little better by entertaining us, but there are movies that also teach us important things like – value what you have. So, here we have a list of six movies that will make you thank God for this monotonous boring life.

Into the Wild
Survival Movies - BookMyShow

Christopher McCandless, decides to abandon all his possessions to explore nature and Alaska's wilderness. The plan was working fine and adventurous until he eats a poisonous seed by mistake thinking it to be another edible weed. He dies in a deserted van with no one to find him. Well, you can watch the movie gorging on some popcorn or nachos, and thank everybody everywhere for everything you have to eat at home. You also might choose to study Botany in the near future.

Survival Movies - BookMyShow

It is scary enough for most people to stay alone in their house (where you might have people living in the next yard); think of getting lost alone in space where literally it is just empty space. Dr. Ryan Stone was on her first space mission and struggled hard to make it back to earth, alive. It was her innate will to live and, well, the beginner's luck. Watch the movie and be grateful you can sleep peacefully without the fear of running out of oxygen.

The Martian
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Another left-alone-in-space story, Mark Watney was stranded on Mars after his crew leaves the planet presuming him to be dead during the storm. Although, they left the mission midway so Mark had some supplies left with him to survive. Luckily, he was also a botanist, so he grew potatoes on Mars which let him live for another year on that planet. But you my friend, you don't know how to boil water; so be happy you have a home and a mom.

Life of Pi
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The curious case of Pi Patel is one in a billion. He found a way to survive on a lifeboat with a zebra, orangutan, hyena and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. He was lucky enough to be able to do that, you might not be.

The Revenant

You become a legend because you have a set of skills. Hugh Glass here was a legendary frontiersman who gets severely injured by a bear and is abandoned by his companions.
Hugh eventually got his revenge and Leonardo DiCaprio got an Oscar for his work in the movie. And just a reminder: you, my friend are scared of cockroaches.

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Vikram Motwane's latest film can be the most terrifying of all. Not because it is too creepy but because it is highly relatable. A man gets trapped in a house that is on the 35th floor of a deserted high-rise in South Bombay. He manages to dodge death by fighting his own fears, hunger and other basic needs of a human. He managed to do so because he is an engineer. What will you do? 

Did you feel the same as us watching these movies? Let us know in the comments below.