The Hindi film industry is star driven and to be more precise – it’s driven by a set of alpha males. This is a global phenomenon that one can see across industries. It is the reason why women are always sidelined in totality. Apart from adding the oomph factor, actresses have little or no importance in a commercial movie. The industry alone can’t be blamed for this as the audience is equally responsible. How many of us will watch a movie featuring an actress in the lead? Maybe if it is Sridevi, Vidya Balan, and to some extent, Kangana Ranaut is an exception. We are not here to debate but to make a point that the male dominance is seen in all aspects of filmmaking, including the songs. Here’s a list of seven songs that define the alpha male of a movie.

1) Main Hoon Don – Don (1978)

Just like the film, the song has also gained a cult status. In the song, Amitabh Bachchan is seen lip syncing to the captivating vocals of Kishore Kumar describing the traits of his character in the movie. Some of you might wonder what’s wrong with that. Well, we would just want to highlight one line of the song, i.e, Are Tumne Jo, Dekha Hai, Socha Hai, Samjha Hai, Jaana Hai, Voh Mein Nahin…Voh Mein Nahin…

2) M Bole Toh – Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. (2003)

It’s a blessing for an actor to be remembered by a titular role. And somehow, it creates a special warmth around that person. Munna Bhai was one such role for Sanjay Dutt. Main Tede Ko Seedha Chala Doon, Seedhe To Teda Bana Doon, Roothe Ko Jhat Se Hansa Doon, Hanste Ko Phat Se Rula Doon. Now, that’s exactly what he was doing in the entire movie!

3) Enu Naam Che Raees – Raees (2017)

Shah Rukh Khan movies are not complete without one such song. The title song of Baazigar, Main Hoon Na, Fan, Don, and the list continues. Raees was no different. The line ‘Akkhi Duniya Mein yeh, Ek single piece, single piece’ perfectly describes both the character of Raees and the personality that SRK is.

4) Hud Hud Dabangg – Dabangg (2010)

Salman Khan’s signature dance moves combined with Sukhwinder Singh’s powerful voice made this song one of the all-time favorites of Bhai fans. ‘Woh Sab Ke Praan Bachawe Re Hai Wohi Dabangg‘ – this line sounds more than perfect to us, considering the fact that he is the godfather of many in the industry.

5) Singham – Singham (2011)

Everyone knows what happens when Ajay Devgn says “Aata Majhi Satakli!”. The title song of Singham musically makes it very clear how rough and tough Bajirao Singham is. And all the criminals out there, mind you! Na kisi se yeh kam, bada iss mein hai dum, Nar Singh hai yeh Singham.

6) Boss – Boss (2013)

The song had all the swag that Akshay Kumar is known for. Hai gali gali mein shor, Hai boss mein itna zor!  The lines pretty much sum up Khiladi’s market value. How otherwise can a mediocre film like Boss earn more than its break-even? The film is an apt example of the command that the alpha males have among the audience.

7) Palat! Tera Hero Idhar Hai – Main Tera Hero (2014)

In a very short span of time, Varun Dhawan has cemented his position among the A-list actors of Bollywood. He is now widely considered as the ‘new-age Raj’ of Hindi cinema. Maybe, that’s why we found a DDLJ ‘palat’ connection in the song. Remember, when Shah Rukh says to himself,  “Agar yeh tujhe pyaar karti hai toh yeh palat ke dekhegi…palat…palat!

Which one is your favourite song?