The Ramsay Brothers: A Twisted View

If you’re a 90s kid it is a surety that you will get goosebumps everytime you hear the theme of Zee Horror Show. Even now. Admit it, don’t lie. The Ramsay Brothers were one-of-a-kind. Their brand of horror stories (and equally horrific movie titles) is something every 90s kid will know about.

The Ramsay Brothers’ movies were usually telecast late night on Zee Cinema. Anyone who was awake late in the night surfing through channels looking for something to watch would have definitely stumbled upon one movie at least and watched it. Again, admit it.

Here’s a twisted view of some of their movies:


A young girl is possessed by a vengeful spirit. She first seduces and then kills people. The people who have watched this flick will know the “so-called” moves of the “so-called” seductress. Once the protagonist seduces her victim she kills him leaving a big mark on the face. A mark very similar to that of a Gorilla bite. What made the movie worse was the frothy bathtub scene. We wonder what happened to the actress (Jasmin) post-Veerana.

Khoon Ki Pyasi

This sounds like one of those semi-porn, C-grade flicks that you would want to use in a game of Dumb Charades. The title is so hilarious that if you Google it, the first hit is – Khoon Ki Pyaasi – The Thirsty Witch. Again, it’s the same ol’ drill. A seductress hungry for blood. If it were to be remade as an English phillum, the film rather be named The “Horny” Thirsty Witch. 

Purana Mandir

And here starts a saga of “Puranas”. A demon in a temple. With all that we have seen, having a demon in a temple is a little ironic isn’t it? Even if you were 12 years old when you watched this film. Now, for the next in the “Purana” series.

Purani Haveli

An abandoned mansion, a rural area. Haunted. How many times have we learnt from countless books and stories not to buy/rent mansions that looks so creepy, or talk to strangers. Remember the saying that mommy would tell us: Do not talk to strangers or do strange things, for that matter. 

Dak Bangla

This movie takes the cake. A man moves into a mansion with his wife only to find out that there are thugs that have invaded the building. To make matters more interesting, there is also a Mummy. No, not "Mommy". A Mummy. Where’s Brendan Fraser when you need him? 

Apart from the fact that they made films that made us cringe with their sleaze fest sequences, their hit TV series, the Zee Horror Show was quite good. Love ’em or Hate ’em, The Ramsay Brothers created quite a stir.

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