When we talk about horror movies in Bollywood, there are usually a few which lives up to our expectation. Most of them fail in just making us feel the ‘horror’ and it ends up being more of just another blah movie. But recently, with Pari, it seemed different. Pari gave us hopes of good thriller movies. Stree is another horror movie which promises horror along with comedy.

Rajkummar Rao and Pankaj Tripathi steal the show with hilarious dialogues. If you have seen the trailer, it does mention that the movie is based on a ridiculously true story. The movie is about a town that is terrified of an annual visit of a female spirit who reportedly preys on men, leaving behind only their clothes.


The “ridiculously true phenomenon” is that of ‘Nale Ba.’

According to urban legend, in the 1990s, a vicious “witch” used to roam the streets and prey on its men in Banglore.

She would knock on the doors of people’s houses and call out to the person inside in a loved one’s voice. Upon hearing a familiar voice, the person would naively open the door and subsequently die in the next 24 hours.

stree 2

To solve this situation, people started writing ‘Nale ba’ outside the doors and the walls of people’s houses. Nale Ba translates to ‘come tomorrow’ in Kannada and it was the desperate attempt to ward off the evil spirit. It was believed that upon reading the inscription, the lady would leave, and come again the next day, indefinitely repeating the cycle.


In an interview with the director Amar Kaushik, he mentioned that Stree is not just based on just the ‘nale ba’ legend, but on a combination of such myths from all over India.

We adapted the ‘nale ba’ story, but we also took some phenomena from the north, because every part of India has its own phenomenon, every state has some superstition or the other. So it’s not just one place’s incident – we’ve adapted such legends from all parts of India to make Stree.”

When asked if the story is true, Kaushik gave a rather ambiguous answer.

Everyone interprets a story differently. And I have also not made it in such a way to suggest that you have to believe it or not believe it. It really depends on the perspective of the viewer.

The story is out there. It’s happening in our country. It’s up to you whether you want to believe it or not.

Produced by Dinesh Vijan, Stree is slated to hit screens on 31 August.

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