Black. You may call it as a color but it is also used to denote darkness. While Sanjay Leela Bhansali is known to play with colors and folk music, this movie lacked that very thing. The movie was about a girl who was blind, deaf and mute and so it was but natural for us to live in her world.

This movie broke all barriers and showed us a movie that led our cold heart melt. Black is one of those movies that no matter how many times you have watched it, it will move you.

1. The Snow in the movie wasn’t real


Snow was essential for the story, so for the first part of the shoot, the entire unit went to Simla in mid-January. It was cold but there was no sign of snow. Since the unit could not wait around, kilos of salt bags bought from the local market and snowmaking machines from Bombay helped complete that schedule.

The shooting would be done early at 4 am. And when the locals emerged they’d be amazed to see so much snow; it looked so authentic that they would touch it to check whether it was real. Dogs would come and lick the salt. The day after the unit left Simla, it snowed heavily.

2. The movie’s title was registered with Kumar Gaurav; Sanjay Leela Bhansali approached him and requested him to relinquish the title.


Kumar felt that the film was bold and path-breaking and wanted to render any help that he could to the film. Hence the reason Sanjay expressed his gratitude to Kumar Gaurav in the opening credits.

3. The film is based on screenwriter Prakash Kapadia’s Gujarati play “Aatam Vinjhe Paankh”, which was inspired by “The Miracle Worker”

The Miracle Worker

4. Amitabh mentioned Black‘s dining room scene where his character Debraj Sahai, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, reads a letter is actually wrong, faulty.

black (1)

“The mistake was that I pull out the letter and I go for my specs and start reading. That was wrong. How do I know that my specs are here (gesturing at his shirt pocket) if I have Alzheimer’s?”

5. Ranbir‘s main job on Black‘s sets was to train young Ayesha Kapur who played the deaf and blind girl Michelle

Amitabh told the audience, “If you have appreciated that little girl, it’s all his (Ranbir’s) doing. Because he used to sit with her and tell her ‘You behave like this, you put your eyes like this, you talk like this’.”

6. Ayesha would give the shot only after she was trained by Ranbir before each scene.

ayesha kapur black

7. “Black” won 11 Filmfare awards, only Indian movie with most FilmFares.

bansali black

8. Rani Mukerji refused to step in the movie Black because she felt that she was unable to play the character.

black rani mukherjee

9. Ranbir said that he body-doubled for Amitabh Bachchan in a particular shot in Black (the only time Ranbir has body-doubled)

amitabh ranbir

Unbeknownst to Amitabh, in the opening credits sequence of Black, Ranbir appeared as Amitabh’s character Debraj Sahni from behind because Big B’s dates were not available. (Source)