Sanju was one of the most anticipated movies of 2018 and when we saw Ranbir donning Sanjay Dutt in Sanju, we simply couldn’t take our eyes off. He simply stole the show and the movie has been breaking records. It is the highest opening of 2018, has earned more than 100 crores in just 3 days and much more!

Rajkumar Hirani and his magical storytelling has worked its magic and delivered yet another masterpiece. The response to the movie has been so phenomenal that despite being released on non-festive occasions, it managed to cross the 200 crore club in just eight days!

Sanju poster

But to make such a phenomenal movie, the filmmakers had quite a few challenges to face! The major challenge after drafting the script was that of casting. When Rajkumar Hirani suggested Ranbir Kapoor, Vinod Chopra was apprehensive about it.

In fact, even Ranbir Kapoor was hesitant to play the role. Their body structure is quite different and the problem was not just with the body size but even their style.

They were worried about how he will physically look and feel like him. To make the movie on Sanjay Dutt, the physical aspect has to be spot on. If they couldn’t achieve the physical transformation, they decided that they won’t make the movie.

So, the 1st challenge – Sanjay Dutt’s younger body.

Ranbir Kapoor has a lean body naturally. The biggest challenge was that he had to change that and have a buff body. Sanjay Dut was known for his body size. Ranbir had to gain weight, change his body size and change his diet.

He hates the gym. He doesn’t like it at all. But he took it as a challenge and tried to change his body. It required a lot of discipline and a lot of sacrifices. He was having 8 meals a day. He used to wake up at 3 am just to have a protein shake.

Can you see the change?

In the end, they were able to achieve the physical look.

The 2nd challenge was that he had to look like the older Sanjay Dutt.

Because of the drugs, Sanjay Dutt’s eyes were puffy and his face had changed a lot. They had to perfect the ‘after jail’ look and for that, they collaborated with prosthetics expert.

But it didn’t mean that the looks got the yes after one test look. They had different look so many times and most of them got rejected. The makeup took 6 hours to perfect and within 30 seconds, the look used to be rejected.

But the team didn’t give up and they finally nailed the look!

These were the look they tried next –

Check out the video-

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