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Throwback Thursday: 5 Silent Movie Milestones You Didn’t Know About

Silence is golden and so are the movies that were made in the silent era. Silent movies may be a thing of the past but they are the foundations on which we have expanded the film industry today. They showed us the potential this form of entertainment has and what it could achieve. The most revolutionary era is the silent era of Bollywood. Yes, the very era where Bollywood was not known for choreographed dance sequences has produced a lot of gems. 1913 was the year when the first full-length movie was made by an Indian. That was the era where we were still under the rule of the British and movies at that time usually were a joint effort between the rulers and Indians. Since 1913, Indian cinema hasn't looked back and after a century it has become one of the biggest entertainment industries worldwide. This Thursday lets look at the milestones this genre achieved.

The First Indian Silent Movie
Silent Movies - BookMyShowReleased on 3rd May, 1913 in Mumbai, Raja Harishchandra was not the first introduction to the world of silent cinema. But this was the first movie to be made by an Indian, thus laying foundation to the monument of Indian Cinema. An era where there were only actors and no actresses, this Dadasaheb Phalke classic is a must watch for every avid movie lover out there.

The First Box Office Hit
Silent Movies - BookMyShowLanka Dahan is another classic by Dadasaheb Phalke, this movie is said to be the first ever box office hit movie Indian Cinema has ever produced. The movie based on Ramayana had the same actor playing Ram and Sita  – A. Salunke. For this feat alone, this movie must be watched.

The First Movie From the South
Silent Movies - BookMyShowBased on Mahabharata, Keechaka Vadham was the first movie that came from the south and set the pace for the variety of industries we have in South India.

The First Sleeper Hit
Silent Movies - BookMyShowBased on Kalidas' novel Shakuntala, the movie of the same name was tweaked a little to suit the filmmakers' modern approach towards life. This is probably the first sleeper hit, which was not appreciated during the time but is considered Suchet Singh's most memorable movie.

The First Silent Movie By Choice
Silent Movies - BookMyShowPushpak released in 1987, a time where we had left the silent era behind. The movie was silent by choice and it did not deter it from providing full entertainment and also winning a National Award for it.

Silent movies cut across the language barrier, which is a boon in a country like ours where we have numerous languages. Let the movie fan in you catch up with all these movies and tell us your experience in the comments below.