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The Trailer of Varun Dhawan’s Film ‘October’ Has Got Us Thinking

The trailer of Varun Dhawan's latest movie October just released and it gives us the feel of an intense winter romance. Directed by Shoojit Sircar, the movie will introduce Banita Sandhu to the industry.

Varun, in one of his tweets, mentioned that the story is not about love at first sight, hugs, kisses, or dates. Keeping in mind the previous ventures of the director, we can well expect an unconventional love story. The stunning and intriguing trailer has us hooked to the plot of the movie, which is quite unclear and speculative. Here are the three possible storylines that we think October could be about:

Scenario 1. The untold one-sided love

The trailer shows that Dan (Varun Dhawan) is a hotel management student and Shuili (Banita Sandhu), another student in the same college, is attracted to him. She falls in love with him but never lets him know. Dan does find out but it is too late as she has already left the college. A few years later, he learns that Shuili is bedridden and asking for him. Puzzled at first, he later realizes his love for her. He goes on to stay with her for the rest of their lives.


Scenario 2. The love born out of guilt

Shiuli is in love with Dan but he is too immature and carefree to understand it. She leaves college but is unable to forget him. Her love, over the period of time, affects her mentally and physically. Dan learns of this and pursues her, only to find her in a condition where she doesn't recognize anyone but him. He leaves everything behind to stay with her and help her with his presence, affection, and love.


Scenario 3. Family issues

Dan is a hardworking and honest person, who wants to be the best at his job. His classmate, Shuili, is attracted to him. But Dan is bound to his family, duty, and responsibilities and does not reciprocate the feelings. Dejected, she leaves in the middle of her college term. Soon, news reaches Dan that Shuili is in a condition where she doesn't recognize anyone but him. Puzzled, he decides to visit her but soon falls in love and moves in with her, leaving his family and career behind. After eight months and her sad demise, he comes back to a regular life and home, where his family has learned to live without him.

While all the scripts look pretty promising, we hope the story is fresh and unique. Shoojit Sircar has given us different movies like Piku and Pink, and we expect this one to be another stunning story of a different kind of love. While we await the film, here's the trailer for you to decide.

Let us know what you think about the plot of the movie in comments below and keep visiting this space for more on the movie and our review.