True Stories With a Bollywood Twist

Ever noticed how a movie that's based on a true story garners more appreciation and attention than a regular movie. Did you wonder why? Well, you could say that these movies have their perks. Considering that it's a true story, the audience feels more connected to it and wants to know every minute detail. But what if you were to come to know that these "true stories" weren't entirely true. Maybe the movie was based on a true incident, but it is not necessary that every scene in the movie really happened. This is what cinematic liberty is. While playing with the plot, cinematic liberties are taken to make the movie more entertaining. Here we present five movies where some extra masala was added in order to spice it up.


While the movie did really well and most of the story was on point, the character of the Indian ambassador was not shown as a very helpful person. In reality, he did keep many Indians in the embassy until they were rescued.


It was true that Neerja lost her life saving the passengers but the other crew members who were with her on the flight too helped in safely getting everyone out of the flight. This part was not mentioned in the movie.


We do see the part where Rustom got a non-guilty verdict and he shifts to Canada with his wife. What we don't know is Rustom actually had spent two years in jail before he left the country.


So Mahavir Singh, in reality, was never locked when Geeta played her final match. He very much sat there and cheered for her victory. Also, Geeta won with huge difference in scores.

The Dirty Picture

While the movie was a huge hit and Vidya Balan did complete justice to Silk Smitha's role, the movie shows her death as an overdose of sleeping pills when in reality the reason for her death is still a mystery.

Now that we know the truth, do we love these movies any less? Not really.