Tumhari Sulu: Here’s What The Critics Have To Say

The happy-go-lucky Vidya Balan aka Sulu from Tumhari Sulu is garnering rave reviews from critics all over. The film is a slice-of-life served with the right amount of entertainment and drama. The cast has also been appreciated for their performances, especially Manav Kaul for his portrayal of a supporting husband and father.

While the internet is pouring with compliments, let's see what the critics say about the movie:

"It's a rollicking ride to the studio and on air. As a late night show RJ with a husky voice and out-of-the-box love advice, Vidya Balan essays this role with perfection. The naughtiness that comes so naturally to her lends Sulu a charm of her own."

The Quint

"Tumhari Sulu is a slice of life film which is worth your ticket price. It is engaging and has a massive social message. Don't miss this riveting tale of a middle class housewife-cum-radio jockey. You will definitely come out of the theatres with tears of joy!"

Deccan Chronicle

"A majority of the urban populace will relate to the challenges faced by Sulu and her family, as we all struggle to live out our dreams of a better life. The essence of this story is 'Main Kar Sakti Hai', and with such a refined and affable actress as Vidya Balan in the lead, it is lovingly captured in 'Tumhari Sulu' making it an entertaining watch for the whole family."

Times Of India

"Vidya Balan's deals with real conflicts and dares to push some boundaries hard. It is a special film, the kind where you know what is going to happen and yet texture and detailing give you much to marvel at."


"Vidya Balan channels her distinctive voice and full-bellied laughter to invest Sulu with real warmth. Equally wonderful is Manav Kaul as her husband."

Indian Express

"Despite its love for feel-good, Tumhari Sulu isn't stuck in a fool's paradise and confronts the conflicts thrown in its path."


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