Ugly: Film Review- Kashyap does it again!

An angry cop, a helpless father and an unstable mother, form the crux of Anurag Kashyap’s Ugly. The kidnapping of their child, Kali, leads to a series of events which flower into a futile investigation. A story that revolves around power, revenge and money, Ugly throws light on the darkness in our hearts.
Rahul Varshney (Rahul Bhat), is a struggling actor looking for his one chance to make it big. His former wife Shalini (Tejaswini Kolhapure) is now married to Inspector Shoumik Bose (Ronit Roy). Former college mates, Shoumik marries Shalini as an attempt to snub Rahul. In between all of this is Kali, Rahul and Shalini’s daughter. Hell breaks loose when Kali gets kidnapped from a busy market place. 
A full fledged investigation follows where Rahul and his best friend Chaitanya (Vineet Mishra), are regarded prime suspects. Rakhee Malhotra (Surveen Chawla), a wannabe starlet, and Siddhant (Siddhant Kapoor), Shalini’s brother and a wannabe smuggler, also manage to show up on the police radar. What happens next is a series of events leading up to an end that takes you by surprise and leaves an inexplicable sense of loss.
After a forgettable debut in Hate Story 2, Surveen Chawla shines in her performance. Siddhant Kapoor lives up to his father’s legacy. Rahul Bhat is amazing in the movie. This is another example of a fantastic cinematic debut of a television actor. Ronit Roy plays the brooding cop with aplomb. Girish Jadhav as Inspector Jadhav deserves special mention.

Why should you watch the film? 

There is something about Anurag Kashyap’s cinema that makes no attempt to soften reality. Ugly is a film about how we are forgetting the little things in pursuit of money, revenge and power.


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