Uncannily annoying yet catchy songs!

There are these songs that once start playing in your head will not leave you. They will haunt you for an entire day. Imagine you being a rocker humming one of those old school Hindi songs and then you’re caught in the act by a metalhead. Oh, the horror! What will now follow is a list of songs like those. These songs will play in your head and you will silently agree you admire these songs.


1. Mein Khiladi Tu Anadi

You can totally do the cheap dance to this song. Men with hair denser than the amazon jungle can let two buttons open from their shirts and behave like Akshay Kumar. Those deadly beats, Anu Malik’s hauntingly squeaky voice and Saif and Akshay killing it! Ladki dekhi mu se seeti, baje haath se taali. Kya baat hai, boss!


2. Saat Samundar Paar

Apart from the fact that this is by far the most preferred stalker song, it is peppy and sticks to your head like nobody’s business! Funky Pandey and Funny Deol are in full form in this film! For guys who have not heard the song or watched the film, you are missing out on something very very important. Like it was mentioned earlier, if you want to creep the living Jesus out of your partner, show up at his/her door everyday morning playing this song. Not only will this song stick in your head, it will also haunt the said partner life long!


3. Oonchi Hai Building, Lift Teri Bandh Hai

Oh, yes! This song is unforgettable. However, if you pay a little attention to the lyrics to this song, you may notice the sly perversity in them. (You need a pervert IQ of atleast 120 to decipher the meaning). Again, in Anu Malik’s squeaky voice, this song has the ability to play in your head like a cyclone. Again and again and again! And yes, let us not forget the thumkas of Karishma Kapoor and the very big Rambha!


4. Mujhko Rana Ji Maaf Karna

From the epic “Mere Karan-Arjun Aayenge” movie – Karan Arjun. The voluptuous Mamta Kulkarni singing this song for the brilliant Amrish Puri and his gang of nincompoops. Not to mention, the scheming Karan and Arjun who pretty much ripped the “Mehbooba” scene from Sholay. But, as a song, it plays in your head and loop and will not leave you alone till it probably kills you!


5. Lal Dupatte Waali

Again, featuring the annoying Funky Pandey and the ever-flamboyant Govinda. The entire song has pretty much a few lines and repeats all over. It almost felt like the lyricist had a massive writer’s block while writing this song or, it is also possible that while writing this the lyricist may have gone on a different tangent (Again, the number 120. Get the hint) 😉

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