These Unknown facts From Sanjay Dutt’s Prison Life Will Astonish You

When Rajkumar Hirani makes a movie, we all know it will be worth watching. It is actually quite rare to see a biopic when the actor is still quite relevant. With Sanju releasing this Friday, we have come close to see a person behind the screen. As a millennial, we have grown up seeing him in the movies and it is quite amazing to see Ranbir Kapoor enact Sanjay Dutt.


While people had initial doubts about Ranbir being able to pull off the look, but when the teaser came, it all seemed like a silly thing. Ranbir not only rocked the look but also mimicked Sanjay’s mannerisms perfectly in the trailer.

In the trailer, we saw Ranbir as Sanjay Dutt talking about his drug addiction, his girlfriends, and the jail life. But there are so many things that as an outsider, we had no idea about.


When he was serving his jail time, Sanjay Dutt refrained from talking to rapists during his jail term. It was his one of the toughest time but also changed his approach to life.

The ‘Bhoomi’ actor opened up to a daily about his time behind bars. According to the report, he revealed that if he got to know that an inmate was convicted of rape, then he would not talk to him as he firmly believes that women are an embodiment of the divine. 


Another time, an inmate was assigned to shave Sanjay’s beard. But when the actor conversed with the inmate, he got to know that the inmate was convicted of murdering his wife with a knife. It has been reported that when he realized it, Sanjay refused to get a shave stating that he needed to grow a beard for his next film.

The actor was moved to the Yerwada jail in May 2013 to finish his five-year jail term. He lived in an 8x10ft cell and wore the white uniform of prisoners. He had a 100 sq ft garden in front of his cell but he was allowed to stroll only under the watchful guide of four guards.


According to BBC, the actor had resigned himself to his unavoidable fate but he believed that he could be released early if he behaved well. He was staying in a high-security cell which was next to the ‘faansi’ ward. The ward had prisoners who were on a death row and weren’t allowed to interact with other prisoners due to security reasons.


If he walked to the common area, He was accompanied by four policemen if he was in the common area and the conversations he had, were listened.

A former inmate said, “I would speak to him often as I was working as the librarian at the prison. Baba, as he is affectionately known, would borrow at least two books every week. He used to read extensively, mainly Hindi literature from Munshi Premchand.”


He was also reading quite a few spiritual books. They kept him encouraged and provided strength to pass the whole term according to Hitesh Jain, Dutt’s lawyer.

He made bags from the newspapers and earned Rs. 45 for 100 bags. In the afternoon, he would go to the radio studio where he would host a programme on ‘Radio YCP’ (Yerwada Central Prison), the jail’s internal radio station.


A jail officer said, “He would write his own scripts, and would usually speak about reforms during his radio sessions. He would speak about prison life, how the prisoners could survive it, and how their rehabilitative processes should be once they leave prison.”

The officer added that the actor would often repeat his dialogues from popular Munnabhai films and play songs to entertain his listeners. (Source)


During the promotional of Lucknow Central, the

team went to the Yerwada jail to promote the film. Since the prison was the sets of the movie, Farhan went to Pune and lot of the prisoners asked him about Sanjay Dutt. Since he completed his sentence, they were curious to know about his well-being. They even inquired about his upcoming movies and other things. ( Source)

There are still parts and stories of him that keep on surprising us and curious for more! What do you think?

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