If you actually think about it, vanity vans are kind of necessity in the film industry. If you happen to be on the constant move, then a comfortable ride is all that one could ask for. They are usually customised to the clients need and desires. But gone are the days when the vanity vans were just for outdoor shootings. Customized vanity vans are fast becoming a symbol of the Bollywood celebrity’s star status.

Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan have the most expensive vanity vans in Bollywood that where specially designed for them by Dilip Chhabria. So what’s so special about these vans you might ask. They are not just built for comfort but also luxury. Elaborate bars, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, well-equipped gyms and luxurious restrooms.

So let’s check them out –

1. Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh khan

Shah Rukh Khan’s vanity van is the most luxurious and expensive vanity van in India. His vanity van is not a van but a 14-metre-long Volvo 9 BR. The vanity van has living space, workstation, entertainment system, bedroom, gymnasium, and restroom.

That’s not it! King Khan’s vanity van is the first-in-India concept: a hydraulic system that pushes out the living space to double the floor space when the vehicle is stationary.

The van also boasts of an all I-pad controlled function. “We have fitted the van with all the latest gadgets and technological items which makes it the only vanity van in India to have all these things. Many functions inside are I-Pad controlled including curtains and illuminations,” revealed the spokesperson.

2. Salman Khan


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Salman Khan’s vanity van is said to be the most stylish van in Bollywood. There is a huge portrait of him in the van and also have a spacious rehearsal room. He usually is known to prep for his scenes there. Equipped with high-tech gadgets, there is also a spacious meeting room and a bedroom. A major section of the van is occupied by a spacious meeting room, which has a door from where his cars — can come in and out with the help of a portable ramp.

3. Hrithik Roshan


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Hrithik Roshan’s vanity van has a very futuristic feeling. He is known for being tech savvy and his van speaks that out loud. The interiors are mainly wooden and glass in white and black colours. To make things more entertaining, it has been clubbed with blue lighting which makes you feel like you are at a party.

Unlike King Khan, Hrithik’s van is 12-meter-long. It has makeup section, mirrors which turn at a 280-degree angle.  The van is separated into three parts — front section being an office and a lounge with 52 inch LCD screen, a bedroom in the middle with 42 inch LCD screen, and a toilet area at the rear, the vanity van offers a perfect blend of meeting space and leisure zone.

4. Varun Dhawan


Compared to other celebs, Varun Dhawan’s van is much more simple and sleek. His old vanity van had an accident and thus he got himself a new vanity, which according to him satisfies all his needs. When asked about his choice in vanity van, he said, he will like to think of his vanity as his home, and thus the ambience should be appropriate enough.

5. Ajay Devgn


The van which looks like one of the sports cars is the best mobile gym one can think about. Apparently, Ajay used to work out regularly in his van while shooting for Singham Returns and didn’t skip his routine for a single day. The van has different weight machines, and the actor is known to work out even between shots. Besides this, the van includes an office, a room, a restroom, and a kitchen. 

6. Alia Bhatt


This is the most colourful and the bubbliest vanity van. Alia Bhatt has put her version in her van. While most of them were fixated on tech and the finest upholstery, Alia has turned her van into a home. It speaks of her in every way. 

7. Sanjay Dutt


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Sanjay Dutt paid approximately Rs 3 crore for his 12-metre-long Volvo B7R.  At the centre, there is a bar with a refrigerator, espresso tables and chairs. There are also two 52-inch screens with audio-video facilities, a gaming console, and computers. The van is inspired from Airforce 1 and it has a central power, lounge area, gaming consoles, and detachable computers

A big fan of rock music, Sanjay once offered his vanity to AXL Rose Band for a concert in Mumbai. 

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