Villains for whom women will cross over to the dark side

They have devious minds, make the worst decisions, never truly care for you; but you can’t help but lose yourself in their eyes. They are the criminals, the rogue agents, playboys, and evil masterminds but they all have uber confidence and charm. Bad is the new sexy and good is synonymous to boring. The prince charming on a white horse may give you a stable future, but the bad boy on his dirt bike will show you how to live life with thrill. Here are some of the truly swoon-worthy bad boys:

Guru- Ek Villain

A former hitman with anger issues avenging his wife’s murder using any means possible, while also looking ruggedly handsome.

Frank Abagnale Jr – Catch Me If You Can

He is not the tough type, but who needs dirt bikes when he can get you a stolen Mercedes. He is always on the run and thrill of the chase is something we all crave. He can be anybody you want him to be and he will woo your gentle heart with his boyish grin.

John Harrison/ Khan- Star Trek Into the Darkness

Super geek, non-human, super strong guy with amazing skills makes you want to switch over to the dark side.

Loki- Avengers & Thor

We agree that he did try to destroy earth, but he also had mesmerizing eyes, an amazing sense of humour and the most dramatic moves. Ergo, hotness trumps evil.

Draco Malfoy- Harry Potter series

He started as an annoying kid with an attitude problem and developed into an attractive man with evil in his eyes.

Magneto- X-Men First Class

Erik plays along with the team for a while, but his inherent mastermind streak soon comes out. When he gives out his trademark suave look, we almost forgive him for all his sins.

Harry Osborn- Spiderman

Best friend + Evil mastermind + Sexy hair + Piercing eyes = Hottie. 

Karan Rastogi- Mardaani

As a respite from the middle aged creeps as villains, we have a witty immoral guy who runs a trafficking business with an unapologetic flair.

Chhedi Singh- Dabangg

With throbbing abs and borderline cheesy lines, he matches Pandeyji’s cheekiness with sheer badassery.

Aryan- Dhoom 2

A handsome thief who rides bikes, surfboards in deserts, jumps off cliffs repeatedly and cooks in his spare time; what more does a lady want?

By Shreya Nair

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