Weird Categories at Bollywood Award Functions

The Filmfare Awards were held last Saturday and that marked the end of Bollywood's awards season. Well, almost as the Star Screen Awards and Stardust Awards are done with and only the IIFA will be held around June. And while some noted actors took home the coveted awards at the different ceremonies, Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgn, Kangana Ranaut, and Akshay Kumar have openly slammed these functions and have sworn never to attend them. We don’t blame them as the below-mentioned categories will definitely make you doubt the credibility of these awards.

Global Icon of the Year: Priyanka Chopra


We all know that Priyanka Chopra spent most of 2016 in the US as she was busy shooting for Quantico. Now, that she was in India for two weeks and attended the show, the jury at Star Screen Awards decided to name her the Global Icon of the Year. Well, Parineeti Chopra's tribute to her was a great idea but the award, a bit too much, we say.

Best Superstar of Next Gen: Varun Dhawan

FilmfareWhen you have the Best Actor, Best Actor in a Supporting Role/Comic Role/Negative Role categories, what is the point of an additional bizarre one? Varun could have easily won an award for Dishoom, but the organizers felt otherwise. 

Best Style Icon Award: Deepika Padukone (2016)/Parineeti Chopra (2015)


While there was no particular reason why Deepika Padukone won this award, Parineeti was awarded for losing weight. Veteran actor, Rishi Kapoor, didn't mince words and claimed that he too should be given an award for gaining weight. For once, we couldn't help but agree with him.