What if Magic Mike was remade in Bollywood?

Before you pelt us with rotten tomatoes for even thinking of this, let me remind you that Bollywood is brimming with genetically blessed men. Though no one can ever replace the ridiculously good looking, hot and sexy alpha males of Magic Mike, but rumour has it that the much-awaited sequel might not see an Indian release. 🙁 The reason of course is quite apparent. So before you get started on your dirty work to somehow watch the film, we decided to heat up the matters ourselves.

Yes, if Magic Mike isn’t coming to India, here’s Bollywood’s beguiling gang of boys who can totally set the temperature soaring for you:
(P.S – Ladies, now would be a good time to take a deep breath!)
Channing Tatum – Hrithik Roshan
Is there anyone better than him? A brilliant dancer, charmer and with the perfect sculpted body, we see fire on the stage already! (Where’s the damn extinguisher?!)
Joe Manganiello – Akshay Kumar
Uncanny! Don’t you think? Just like Joe, Akshay leaves no stones unturned when it comes to slaying us with his good looks. Plus, we’ve all seen his stripper side in Desi Boyz. 😉
Matt Bomer – John Abraham
The eye candy of the band, if Matt’s killer looks are to die for then John’s dimples are what we’ll be putting our money on! And of course, who can forget how visually enticing he was in Dostana. BRB – drooling!
Kevin Nash – Milind Soman
Though not as buffed up as Kevin, Milind is just the man who could be termed as the ‘age old scotch’ of the group. Experienced and alluring!
Stephen Boss – Randeep Hooda
Tall, dark and handsome! Enough said.
Adam Rodriguez – Tiger Shroff
We’ve seen him dance and we’ve feasted our eyes on his hot bod. Tiger is undoubtedly the perfect addition to this drop-dead attractive group.
Bollywood filmmakers, what are you waiting for? We want this remake Right Now!