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What to Expect from Madhur Bhandarkar’s Calendar Girls

Madhur Bhandarkar is back after a long hiatus with yet another sensation-filled movie. After ripping to shreds any illusions people may have about the film industry, the corporate world and the fashion fraternity, Bhandarkar is ready to give the same treatment to the world of modeling. Much has been said about his upcoming film Calendar Girls, and how it has been ‘inspired’ by the Vijay Mallya-Deepika Padukone story. No one will ever know if there’s any truth to these allegations, but the story is certainly spicy enough to have people waiting eagerly for the film’s release. 

There are some things that you can be sure to find in Bhandarkar’s cinematic adventures, and we’ve made a list of our predictions for Calendar Girls. Other than skimpily clad girls, of course.

–  The Girls will turn on each other. It’s hardly a surprising result when you put ambitious social climbers in a competitive and cutthroat world. But be prepared for some vicious cat-fights!

–  At least one woman will go over to the dark side. By dark side, we mean where sex and money are interchangeable. This is a popular rumor about the modeling industry, and we saw sex being used as currency in other Bhandarkar classics as well.

–  One woman will be filled with deep regret over what she has done. She will discover, as Madhur’s previous heroines did, that the game is not worth the price. She will be the real heroine of the film.

–  The same woman or another one who has reached the enlightened state will try to kill herself. Depending on whether she is the lead or not, she will succeed. This will pave the way for others who have seen the light to leave this big, bad world (of being Calendar Girls).

–  People will watch this depravity with voyeuristic pleasure, all the time condemning such exploitative industries and people. Bhandarkar will have another hit on his hands.

Yes, there’s loads to look forward to in Calendar Girls. Not least are the five girls making their debut in this film. Is there a  budding star among them? Watch the film to find out!