When Filmy Parents Reminded Us Of Our Own

When it comes to Bollywood, you directly expect over-the-top drama and all the unrealistic masala that it has come to be known for. It is not news that sometimes Bollywood does not get real-life circumstances right, and likes to add all the unnecessary emotional elements that it can. But Hindi films have evolved through the years and there is more to them than "Mere Karan Arjun aayenge" now. Some movies have flawlessly understood our relationships with our parents and shown them in the exact same way. We are here with a list of Bollywood movies that could have been shot in our living rooms.   


deepika-amitabh-piku-759The father-daughter relationship shared by Piku and her father was so normal that it made us wonder if the characters were real. With bittersweet arguments and playful banter, their relationship did not look any different from ours.

Wake Up Sid

picmonkey-collageFrom a strict dad who is worried about his son's future to an overprotective mother who tries to connect with her son and makes sure that he gets all the love possible in the world, Sid's parents were just like any other Indian parents.  

Kapoor and Sons

1kapoorandsons1This family fights, yells at each other and breaks stuff when things go wrong. They may not be a jolly family, but at the end of the day they do know how to make up and hug it out. They had such a realistic touch to them that they appeared completely genuine, which was something that Bollywood had hardly attempted before.

2 States

jbn8jilq3z2003sw-d-0-amrita-singh-arjun-kapoor-2-states-film-photoEvery parent likes to be a little nosy about their kid’s life and Amrita Singh’s character in 2 States is proof of that. Totally obsessed with her kid (which mother isn’t?), dominating, loud but most of all loving, she portrayed the role of a perfect desi mother.     

Dil Dhadakne Do

dil-dhadakne-do_640x480_51433417308Ranveer and Priyanka’s parents were just like all the Indian parents. 'Log kya sochenge?', is something that is not unheard of for any of us. This film understood our equations with parents and couldn’t have shown it any better.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

yjhdParents and kids may have differences of opinion and may not necessarily get along with each other. Farooq Sheikh played a dad who understood his kid’s dreams and did not hold him back; instead, he was supportive and encouraged him to chase them, making a less-than-ideal relationship beautiful.


By Priyanka Mehta