Shah Rukh Khan is called the Romance King of Bollywood and there’s a reason behind it. He simply puts the R in romance with his charming smile and the dimples. His next movie Zero has him play a vertically challenged man but that has not affected his screen presence at all. From all the footage of the movie that has been released till date, we can only say that he has done it again. Regardless of the movie making a mark or no, Bauua has already created a place in our hearts. One of the reasons we feel so strongly about this one are the songs. Check them out below:

Mere Naam Tu

This song has the potential to be on every Indian’s playlist. It brings back the typical romantic hero that we expect Shah Rukh to be, but with a twist. The song depicts a romance between two imperfect people who are falling in love. The lyrics of the songs are dreamy and romantic. They speak of having the forever that literally every romantic person aspires of. It is highly soothing and is a song that can be listened to on repeat.


Exactly like the name, this song brings forth the fun and happiness of acceptance of your love. The most important thing about this song is that it brings together the two kings of Bollywood together – Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan – after more than a decade. Yes, they are dancing on the same screen after 11 long years. While this fact alone makes this one a super-hit, the song is an easy to follow peppy number that you can freely dance to. Especially in our favorite places – visarjans and baaraat ceremonies.

Husn Parcham

A movie starring Katrina Kaif is incomplete without a dance number by her. She is a stunning dancer and nobody can deny that. This song features a wild & completely different avatar of Kaif, possibly depicting the personality of her character in the movie. The song has everything you ask from dance number, her sultry aura, sexy dance moves, fast beats, and her beautiful self.

The songs released so far from the album for Zero has been amazing and there are also speculations of recreating the cult song “Yeh kaali kaali aankhein”. If that’s true, we must say you are in for an audio-visual treat from this one.

Zero releases on the 21st of December, 2018. Keep visiting this space to know more about the movie and our review.