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Everything you Need to Know About The Hitman’s Bodyguard

There are many actors who are known for that one role which suits them so perfectly that they become that character. Like Robert Downey Jr. has become Tony Stark in everyone's eyes (even his own). Similarly, Ryan Reynolds has become Deadpool for us. And his sense of humor in real life matches the character perfectly. Even Samuel L. Jackson, who has given us great movies like Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained and even Star Wars, is now Nick Fury for us. What would such actors do if they want to break out of the mold they have created for themselves? They star in a movie together. If it is a buddy action movie, even better.

Who would be a bodyguard's mortal enemy? A hitman, of course. Especially a hitman who has targeted the people you have been charged to protect. Ryan Reynolds as Michael Bryce is the bodyguard in this situation and Samuel L. Jackson as Darius Kincaid is the hitman. On their tail is a European dictator (played by Gary Oldman). The rest of the story is about the journey from UK to the International Court of Justice. The screenplay is part of a 2011 Black List. The black list is a yearly list which lists down the deserving scripts that are not produced yet. It has been a while since we have seen such a team-up on-screen. Both the actors are known for some badass roles and watching them together will certainly be a treat. Salma Hayek is also the part of the cast as Kincaid's wife.

It has certainly been quite a while since we have seen Samuel as a part of a huge ensemble. The movie also seems to not take itself very seriously. So we can expect a lot of gags and humor as these foes form a team and save the day. One of the posters that caught our eye was Ryan Reynolds holding Samuel L. Jackson in a way that would remind you of the 1992 film The Bodyguard. This proves we might see them taking digs at all the other Bodyguard movies.

Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds will perhaps always be Nick Fury and Deadpool respectively. But it will surely be fun to watch them in a movie together. What do you think of the trailers? We hope you don't miss out on this one. Also read our The Hitman's Bodyguard film review here.